Deploy Angular 10 App to Firebase hosting for free in  2020

Deploy Angular 10 App to Firebase hosting for free in 2020

In this video I will show you how to deploy an Angular application to Firebase hosting in just a few minutes using the Firebase Tools CLI and if you are using angular 8+ I will show you how to deploy your app to firebase using using angular CLI as well.

Link to playlist to Learn to build angular app

Below is the Github repository for this app

26 thoughts on “Deploy Angular 10 App to Firebase hosting for free in 2020

  1. Your Tutorial is very useful. I already watched all videos of this playlist. Please try to do complete this tutorial series very fast as soon as possible.

  2. Mash Thanks for this tutorial series it is quite helpful for the beginners.
    Here is The URL of my site: kindly review and I have a question regarding the logged-In user session how we maintain that..

  3. Thank you very much, i was able to code along and i was able to deploy mine too.
    here is the link to mine:
    i look forward to learning more.
    warm regards from Nigeria

  4. Hey Sandeep, awesome course so far. Just deployed to Firebase. The only thing that is not working is the detail page for a new property in local storage. Doesn't show any details. Have to debug it. Would be nice if you did a session on debugging. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

  5. Great video, great tutorial! Here are the URLs of the app:

  6. Thanks for the video – very helpful ! I just want to check, if we make changes to our app we need to first create a new build and then firebase deploy again? Or just firebase deploy?

  7. it's my app — > but I am getting console errors, I think due to sorting filter, could you please help me with this and also navigation toggle button not working I think need to add bootstrap jquery. but I want solution from your side

  8. Thanks for the video. I am creating a static page of duplicate pubg website. here it is :

  9. I didn't receive the prompt to allow Firebase to collect CLI usgae and error reporting. I got the below instead.

    $ ng add @angular/fire
    Installing packages for tooling via npm.
    Installed packages for tooling via npm.
    UPDATE package.json (1631 bytes)
    ✔ Packages installed successfully.
    ✔ Preparing the list of your Firebase projects
    ? Please select a project: hspa (hspa-angular-10)
    UPDATE angular.json (3817 bytes)
    UPDATE firebase.json (900 bytes)
    UPDATE .firebaserc (190 bytes)

  10. Hi ​​ @Study Mash – I've been really enjoying your video tutorial, As an aside, I do a lot of tech reviewing for Manning. I was going to email you but couldn't find your address.

  11. good day. Thanks for the video. Once you monitize it, i am still willing to pay. Your site is also very good. Most teachers of software courses don't have good LMS of their own. You did a great job. I observe that the title of your course reads Angular and core api but none of your topics reads web api. Secondly most software tutors implement e-commerce, could you please in later time do a monitized course on simple CMS.

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