Deploy Asp.Net Core Website on Heroku using Docker

Deploy Asp.Net Core Website on Heroku using Docker

In this video, I have demonstrated how an Asp.Net Core website can be deployed on the Heroku cloud hosting services provider using a Docker Container.

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Learn more about Docker here:

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21 thoughts on “Deploy Asp.Net Core Website on Heroku using Docker

  1. 6:05 – Do you see this download button here? It´s not this one. Find the right one yourself, for i have already downloaded.
    Really? Good job man. Stopped following the tutorial right there.

  2. Ok, so I have question you deployed asp .net core with razor web integrated on same port. So what if core project is only backend port:5000 and frontend is another project on localhost:8080 ? How do you deploy this, since there is 2 projects?

  3. Hi! When i execute the push command I receive this error. "error parsing HTTP 499 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value: " Any idea on how to solve this ?

  4. Hi, thank you for the description. Worked fine for me with core 3.1. I had just a little problem with starting Docker Toolbox because of disabled processor virtualization in bios. After activating it I was able to start Docker Toolbox and finish the steps.

  5. I have a problem. I finished all the step but when I open the app, the browser display not found. How to fix it?

  6. Thanks for creating this tutorial. I followed it and could deploy the app but when I look in the logs the app has crashed and says "Did you mean to run dotnet SDK commands". I'm working on a windows machine with docker set to linux containers. Any idea what I maybe doing wrong?

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