38 thoughts on “Deploy Laravel on Digital Ocean | Queue worker | Supervisor #7

  1. The tutorial is awesome but when I tried to do the same process then its given me always" No config updates to processes
    Can you please help me?
    Also can you please give me your blog link here?

  2. Hi, i am having this error please help. sudo supervisorctl reread

    error: <class 'socket.error'>, [Errno 2] No such file or directory: file: /usr/lib64/python2.7/socket.py line: 228

  3. Hi,
    Are you sure that numprocs=8, will process 8 times for a single job if it is not successful on 1st attempt
    What I think is, it is number of queue workers for a single queue.
    Please let me know if Iam wrong
    For reties i would be –tries=3

  4. Hallo Bitfumes, you are awesome!! Everything was fin till i reloaded the
    supervisor. Then never again the jobs table showed any attempts. I only
    could use the Mailtrap smtp with sync driver, not database, don't know
    why. However, i learned a lot, thanks to you. Big Hug. Hernán.

  5. 2:00 go to /etc/supervisor/conf.d/
    2:34 $ sudo vim queue-worker.conf
    3:19 Configuration text to save in there
    5:12 $ sudo supervisorctl reread
    5:43 $ sudo supervisorctl update
    7:26 Laravel route for queue worker testing
    10:15 Laravel .env file: QUEUE_DRIVER=database
    10:54 $ sudo supervisorctl reload
    11:15 $ sudo service supervisor restart

  6. Is this all for localhost? Actually I want to make same for share hosting project. Is this will work? Or any other solution

  7. please correct 4:40 to 4:50
    Supervisor will start as many instances of this program as named by numprocs. Note that if numprocs > 1, the process_name expression must include %(process_num)s (or any other valid Python string expression that includes process_num) within it.

    Default: 1
    Required: No.
    Introduced: 3.0

  8. can you please tell me in details..why we use supervisor queue worker i did'nt understand yet..and only we can use supervisor with lareval.

  9. Hello,
    Here, you told numprocs is set to tell how many time jobs will be tried

    But somewhere else I read, that this will create 8 job workers.

    which one is right ?

  10. Thanks! Perfect exemple! For each folder project in laravel i have to create a program in supervisor correct? Thanks

  11. very good , my friend . nice totorial . congratulation again .I have 2 questions for you .
    1) you accessed the host with a SSH KEY , and you desactivated the posibility of access the host with the password . If I have to acces with FTP ( file zila ). how could I access ? does have any how to access with SSH KEY , the host with FTP .

    2) Does have any how ou give permission for user , becose I acced with this user , with the FTP (filezila ) , and I could not create , edit , delete any file .

    Thanks my friend .

  12. Can i use cron job instead of supervisor ? Its looks to the same , is there any limit how many process to run ? I have project to convert videos using ffmpeg and you know one file may take up to 1 hour so i need to run queues carefully

  13. i don't have any error but still my jobs table doesn't updated every time i reload the url my one entry in inserted in my jobs table and no mail is sending..

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