Deploy Laravel/Php website using digital ocean: The Complete Guide

Deploy Laravel/Php website using digital ocean: The Complete Guide

Let me show you how to deploy laravel website to digital ocean in this step by step guide.


List of commands:


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17 thoughts on “Deploy Laravel/Php website using digital ocean: The Complete Guide

  1. You can run the following command in Ubuntu to make sure the extensions are installed. apt install openssl php-common php-curl php-json php-mbstring php-mysql php-xml php-zip

  2. Hi , I am getting Dom Document error When i processed the forgot paassword please see the below error message…
    Class 'DOMDocument' not found "


    Also i had installed "apt-get install php7.4-xml" and restart the Apache but still same error is coming ..

    Digital ocean configuration
    php version : 7.4
    os : ubuntu 18
    laravel version : 7

    Same process working fine on local environment

  3. i hosted my laravel (API) app using nginx. but i wanted to host nuxt app on the same server. dont know how run nuxt and laravel app on the same server.

    help would be more appreciated thanks in advance.

  4. hello Webdevmatics, it's a great tutorial. However, since I use DigitalOcean through Cloudways platform and the provide one-click app install therefore I did not knew that it takes that much effort to deploy laravel/php website on Digitalocean.

  5. on 15:16 don't chmod 777 – The permissions for the storage and vendor folders should stay at 775, for obvious security reasons.

  6. Kindly make a video on laravel nearest location and laravel slider eight product each slide
    Thanks in Advanced

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