15 thoughts on “Deploy NodeJS Express Application to Firebase as Function.

  1. It shows a very long error. Actually I wan having some middleware folder, public folder. I simply move them into the function folder. Then I run cmd firebase deploy
    Now It shows a huge error. I am confused

  2. and when i change nodejs package.json version 10 to 8 its can deploy success but when i check on the firebaseconsole on the functions or other place i cant see anything about nodejs

  3. hey bro i got this error how can i fix ?? can you say to me ??

    HTTP Error: 400, Billing account for project '99236024251' is not found. Billing must be enabled for activation of service(s) 'cloudbuild.googleapis.com,containerregistry.googleapis.com' to proceed.

  4. 39:99 error Expected error to be handled handle-callback-err

    43:36 error Expected error to be handled handle-callback-err

    46:13 error 'sql' is already defined no-redeclare

    47:36 error Expected error to be handled handle-callback-err

    am having this error

  5. hello, i have error after deploy my api. Error: Forbidden Your client does not have permission to get URL /api/user from this server.

  6. Cloud Functions deployment requires the pay-as-you-go (Blaze) billing plan. To upgrade your project, visit the following URL:

  7. Hi Srinivas can you do a tutorial on how you upload a finished app to app store and how you add the main app icon as well

  8. I'm surprised how a cleanly made video has very less views…You did a nice job..A louder audio could make it even better

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