25 thoughts on “Deploy Python Script Code on Google Cloud for 24/7 running #IOT #push-notification

  1. Hi there, I am trying to use Google Compute Engine to make aiohttp get requests, and I am unable to. Can someone assist me pls 🙂

    I am using Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) and aiohttp version 3.6.3

    Note: I have run the same code on my local machine with aiohttp requests with the same libraries and it works fine, so I know the issue is with Google Compute Engine.

  2. If I need another file besides the python code in the directory, for example a JSON file, how would I add that to the directory? Would I add it the same way the python file was added?

  3. when I am requesting to increase my gpu quota from 0 to 1, I get a mail that they can't increase the quota. The mail says: "Unfortunately, we are unable to grant you additional quota at this time. If this is a new project please wait 48h until you resubmit the request or until your Billing account has additional history". Did this happen with you?

  4. your account has shown 20k USD credits for free. How did you get this ? because at the beginning it says 300 USD for free trail version.

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