Deploy to Your Server Using Git

Deploy to Your Server Using Git

Let’s create a deployment pipeline using nothing else but Git. You’ll learn how to deploy your application in “Heroku style” by using git push.

🎞 Timestamps
00:00 – What we’re going to accomplish
00:48 – Requirements to follow along
01:09 – Create an empty git repository on the server
01:54 – Add a post-receive hook
05:02 – Make the hook file executable
05:24 – Add server to git remote
06:49 – Commit a change and push to deploy

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4 thoughts on “Deploy to Your Server Using Git

  1. So in post receiver you can define all the commands you need to run in order to build your code… I didn't know that. Thanks a lot!

    @Maxim can you show how you can connect a repository on Github with a server? I can't find anything different than: click there in cpanel, type your repository's URL here etc. But I need something from scratch as my server doesn't have such features.

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