Deploying a PHP Website on GCP App Engine

Deploying a PHP Website on GCP App Engine

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Hello and Welcome back to crazyRov Studio. In this video we will look at how to deploy a PHP based dynamic website on the Google Cloud Platform App Engine

Google App engine is one of the serverless compute services that is available on GCP. App engine supports different run time which include Node.js, Java, Ruby, C#, Go, Python, and PHP. Or you could also get your own language runtime as a container on App Engine Flexible.
There are a lot of features and functionalities that App engine supports, but in order to keep the video as short as possible I will not be taking you through the features and functionality of App engine except for the 2 main features that I saw as an advantage. First is that this is a fully managed service which means we just worry about our code and GCP is going to manage the platform for us. The second is that the App engine instances scale automatically and it can scale to 0 when there is no traffic at all which for most websites is a huge advantage. I have paid less than Rs.20 in the last months for my website which is not that busy. However the cost will depend on what instance you are selecting and how you have defined your scaling parameters.
For this video I have created a demo website( you can clone or fork the code and files from

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