25 thoughts on “Deploying a React app to Google Cloud.

  1. For anyone interested in deploying a react app with a google domain name, I would highly recommend coupling this video with THIS one! https://youtu.be/V0U2BPTWvbg

  2. i have issue upload react app from yesterday and I was search lot of but nothing found and suddenly morning i show your video and it';s work thanks man

  3. Hi, why do we have to buy bucket when I have bought 20 GB of space in VM instance? Can someone please explain because bucket is adding extra cost.

  4. The yaml file
    runtime: nodejs12


    # Serve all static files with url ending with a file extension

    – url: /(.*..+)$

    static_files: build/1

    upload: build/(.*..+)$

    # Catch all handler to index.html

    – url: /.*

    static_files: build/index.html

    upload: build/index.html

    The command:
    mkdir directory-create
    gsutil rsync -r gs://bucket-name ./directory-create

  5. ERROR: (gcloud.app.deploy) An error occurred while parsing file: runtime: nodejs10


    – url: /index.js

    static_files: build/1

    upload: build/.*.(gif|png|jpg)$

    – url: /index.js

    static_files: build/index.js

    upload: build/index.js
    Please check if anything wrong here

  6. Video was helpful! thanks. But the fake accent was very irritating, I had to mute the video. just followed the steps :/

  7. After HOURS of research and going through ten different articles, this is the only one that worked. Great job. Thank you!

  8. oh man you are a life saver, i was struggling with the deploy since yesterday directly running the deploy, now my site is up
    thanks a lot

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