Deploying a Web Application on Google App Engine

Deploying a Web Application on Google App Engine

Here I sprint through deploying a Flask web application using Google App Engine with a few commands. Serverless, fast and cheap, my kind of tools… For more details and walkthrough see the longer version at

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12 thoughts on “Deploying a Web Application on Google App Engine

  1. Awesome Tutorial 🙂
    I have also uploaded a tutorial of "How to Host Python Flask Web App on Google Cloud Platform App Engine Flexible | Google Vision API":

  2. How can I get the yelp API key I am getting this error without mentioning the key:- And internal error

    list index out of range

  3. This tutorial is dangerously inadequate. It doesn't mention on what goes into a app.yaml file and the files. I lost 4-5 hours over this crap and gave up and switched to heroku. Please at least mention those stuff for the uninitiated and amateurs like us.

  4. Great video! could you please make a followup on how to change that weird URL they give you to a domain of your choosing?

  5. sir I'm using ames house data where we have lots of categorical variable and some variable has in between 3 to 6 classes like low, high, medium .we use cor() function to find multi collinearity for numbers
    I want to find out in multi colinearity of these categorical variable , how to use chi-square test to find this muti colinearty
    at once instead of using separately for each two variable. ….?

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