Deploying Nodejs Application to Server [Full Guide]

Deploying Nodejs Application to Server [Full Guide]

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21 thoughts on “Deploying Nodejs Application to Server [Full Guide]

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  2. Thanks for video
    How to proceed if I am using mongodb in my node application..?
    Shell I need to install mongodb on server….will hostinger provides that

  3. Friend I want to congratulate you first, great your tutorial, it happens that the query link that was very interesting does not work. Thank you!

  4. Hello! Thank you very much for the video, your tutorial is helping me a lot. I also have a hostinger vps and the first time I followed your tutorial I had to stop after installing and configuring nginx.

    I made sure that nginx is working so I closed the putty.

    The next day, I went to log in to the VPS, but the message "Network error: Connection timed out" appeared. I searched on google but found no solution on how to solve the problem.

    I restarted the VPS and started all over again, but did not enable ssh on nginx thinking that this could have been the problem. I arrived at the part to check if the index.html was working. And it worked.

    I closed the putty to test if I was going to be able to connect, but again the same message: "Network error: Connection timed out".

    Can someone help me? Do I have to start all over again and follow the tutorial until the end or is there something to be done for me to reconnect to VPS?

    # I did some more research and found that I should have enabled port 22 (sudo ufw allow 22)

  5. I have an application that is Angular in front and an API (node) in myu back end. How can I deploy this app? Can I deploy an Angular app in Nginx?

    Thanks for the video!!

  6. Very well explained brother! Thank you for the knowledge. I actually have a React+Node application to be deployed to a server. If I'm not wrong, I just need to run the react app on 3000 port like you did with node app and run my backend node js on some other port locally on the server machine and that should work.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Thankgod …..and thabks to you.
    I was desperately finding a video .
    Just purchased vps hosting on hostlinger. Really could use your help on puttinh my web application to work

  8. Thanks for this video.

    Learning how to deploy programs in Node JS right now as my goal is to make request based programs for consumers trying to purchase limited items.

    Love from Florida.

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