16 thoughts on “Deploying PHP Website to Google App Engine

  1. First thank you, but your tuturial is for mam, things in xampp is different, can you tell me how to connect to database if I use xampp?

  2. is it the same way in windows? or there are other way to upload the site. l have a php website, l want to host it with google cloud. can you tell how l can connect my domain with cloud and upload site to cloud with windows

  3. My php files are uploded but i unable to connect database, i have credit card verification error due to that i unable to connect?

  4. Can you help me? I can not connet my codeigniter application to the database. how to I define the socket as <project-id>:<region>:<instance-name> like you?

  5. First thanks a lot. I have questions regarding the config.php what I should change inside it, I already add the socket and all that u did. i tried hundred times but it didn't work. plz help me.

  6. Hi VTGAMES. Thanks for the video but GoogleAppEgineLauncher is not available right now. So there is no option for to create a new app and move to files. Can you check and make another video pls?

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