Difference Between QuickBooks Enterprise Local and Hosted

Difference Between QuickBooks Enterprise Local and Hosted

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So what is the real difference between Local QuickBooks Enterprise and Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

I get asked this a lot, so I thought I’d dive in a bit to explain. My husband is a Cloud Architect, and loves to point towards the sky and say, “To the Cloud!” Always makes me laugh (he’s a cutie), but if you don’t know what the cloud is (other than the puffy things in the sky), it can be confusing.

Generally speaking, cloud-based software is software hosted by a data center and accessible by internet connection (IE over the internet). With QuickBooks Software Enterprise, clients use an RDP (remote desktop) client in order to access a virtual computer, where they will use their software. You do need a good internet connection to use cloud-software. Does not need to be super-powered, but needs to be basically stable….read blog post to continue.

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