DigitalOcean | How to Host Multiple Websites on Single Digital Ocean Droplet Tutorial

DigitalOcean | How to Host Multiple Websites on Single Digital Ocean Droplet Tutorial

A step-by-step DigitalOcean tutorial on how to host multiple websites on single/one DigitalOcean droplet or redirect multiple domains to single/one digitalocean droplet.

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In this video, demonstration learns how to host multiple websites on DigitalOcean using the single droplet as well as how to redirect multiple domains to the same website on DigitalOcean using the single droplet.

I have tried to cover both the topics in one as these are the same.

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21 thoughts on “DigitalOcean | How to Host Multiple Websites on Single Digital Ocean Droplet Tutorial

  1. I have installed WordPress on Openlitespeed from marketplace. Now I want to host more WordPress sites on that single droplet with openlitespeed. Please make a dedicated video on this. โค๏ธ Thanks for advance๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loved the video. Very informative.

    Do you mind sharing more information about how the Tor Browser updates the name server instantly? Suddenly got interested in what you just said.

  3. can i host sites of different languages in single droplets for eg. 2 php sites, 1 node js site and multiple spring boot sites ??

  4. Help me…Installed whm cpanel using digital ocean droplet in centos…How to host my website in whm cpanel

  5. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    if you get time show how to add SSL to multiple sites like you have done in the same droplet

  6. No production team, no script & not a full-time YouTuber. I'll really be grateful if you could kindly like the video, subscribe my channel and leave a comment for me. If you need urgent help, message me on Discord –

  7. Is it possible to host 8 node web app in a single $5 droplet and what will be the pros and will be very helpful for me

  8. SilverFoxA Sorry total newbie to this. I only know cpanel. Does this server have UI version to manage your files, emails,FTP, db, etc?

  9. This might sound like a silly question but, do we get charged extra $5 for every website we host under a single (5$)droplet or is there no extra charge in the existing monthly bill ?

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