Dreamhost Review - Most Private Secure Web Host Provider?

Dreamhost Review – Most Private Secure Web Host Provider?

Is Dreamhost good to use? Find out now in this unbiased honest Dreamhost review!

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📡 Best Web host Provider: Dreamhost
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6 thoughts on “Dreamhost Review – Most Private Secure Web Host Provider?

  1. I'm using Dreamhost at the moment I think is probably one of the Best hosting plus is wordpress recommended. But is really good compare to other host that try to sale you more then what you're actually going to use just to look good for your dollar. I decided to fully go with them Domain and Email, so much faster as far DNS and just not bouncing back and forward witch can cause some headaches.

  2. Hey Tom, I've been following your channel over the past month because I'm in the market for VPN knowledge. It appears that you have schooled me in the most spectacular way so I thank you for that. I absolutely love your no BS and earnest approach as well, I trust your VPN information over the masses of reviews I've seen or read online. I also think your VPN list is fantastic, I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into your online presence.
    Anyway I just stumbled on your Webhost list, I've been dabbling in web design for 20+ years on your list I've used Godaddy and Bluehost oh and another service that I long forgot. I left all three of them for a variety of reasons but yes Bluehost is definitely better than Godaddy (though they are good as a registrar). Might I suggest checking out Inmotionhosting. I've been using them for the past 3 years and knowing how you do very honest and thorough reviews I think you will dig this underdog service that rarely gets the respect it deserves. I really think you would do them justice and I would actually like to see where they rank on your list.
    At any rate I do not have any affiliation with them or stand to benefit by telling you this but I've just had the most amazing experience with them and I think more people would be into them.
    Keep up the great work, you are doing a sick job… I'm so proud of all that you have been doing online. You are without a doubt among the most respectable VPN providers out there and I dig what you are saying about company protections on privacy and about their integrity. Generally I'm DigN all that you represent. Be well my techie brother
    – b

  3. I just signed up with DreamHost and purchased a domain but there's a long Account Approval/Verification going on.

    GoDaddy / NameCheap doesn't have this and it's quite annoying to wait for so many hours just to be able to use the domain you bought through DreamHost.

    Additionally, the support doesn't seem to be 24/7 and you have to wait every Day at 5:30AM–9:30PM PT so you can't get in touch with them in real-time.

    I was hoping that this was mentioned in the review that they're doing this for some newly registered accounts.

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