Eight Webhosting Review - Eight Webhosting Review with MASSIVE Bonus Bundle

Eight Webhosting Review – Eight Webhosting Review with MASSIVE Bonus Bundle

Eight Webhosting Review:

What is Eight Webhosting?
Welcome to this Eight Webhosting review. For those of you who are looking for a reliable host that isn’t going to hike the price of hosting up on you out of nowhere like many big name hosts, this video is for you.

Eight Webhosting is already boasting 50,000+ users and is growing steadily, while also staying ahead of the curve on what is happening in the world of hosting platforms. Because of this they are able to keep their prices way down, where as many other bigger known hosts may start feeling the effects of something big that has happened recently.

Most well-known hosts who offer unlimited hosting for 2.95 – 3.95 are going to be feeling a crunch in the coming short-term. The reason for that is that their hosting interface is run by cpanel. Recently, the company behind cpanel has decided to alter their pricing, so instead of charging hosts to run cpanel PER SERVER. They are now going to charge for cpanel use PER USER.

This means that hosting prices are going to go up for both the hosting platforms, and users like you.

Eight Webhosting has seen this coming and signed up with a different company. One that offers exactly the same capabilities as cpanel, but one that has guaranteed low pricing for the hosts, and therefore unlimited low pricing for the end-user.

If you’re looking for a hosting platform, that is transparent, boasts a large user-base, will not deceive you in their marketing, has full IN-HOUSE support (No VA’s in India), and will keep their pricing the same for guaranteed EIGHT years, then Eight Webhosting is your best bet for PREMIUM Hosting.

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