14 thoughts on “Email and Web Hosting on Different Servers in Under 2 Minutes

  1. One use-case will be hosting your website on a cloud server e.g. on AWS or Digital Ocean etc. but having your email on your regular shared hosting. Now you can have the best of both worlds by simply pointing your domain to the server where your website is hosted. Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help.

  2. Hi, i want to do the same thing, however got a problem for incoming/email to the email, the error shows up was "Relay access denied".

  3. Hi, the time of response of our hosting is slow, so we want to change the DNS to the new server and from there point to the old server where our mails are. Can you help us with that escenario? thanks

  4. actually i need to vise versa of current showing condition mean i want to website hosting locally and mail server should be aother mail server ( clould mail sever third party mail server i have the mx recored of same can you help me for same

  5. Hi Web Assist,

    Does this process also work in a shared hosting scenario between two different accounts (external ip is different but same hosting)?


  6. Doesn't the MX record 'Destination' need to be changed to 'mail.demo-account.com' for the Mail to stay local and route through mail.demo-account A record and IP? I tried the setup in the video and mail could not be received locally.

  7. Hi, Im learning how this hosting stuff works. Just a question. Can you point your domain name to 2 different outside server? one for web hosting and another one for email hosting.

  8. Hello Web Assit, I have a domain with 2 emails on google. Can I point my domain to godaddy for building a website and still keep my email on google? My worry is that I can lose any old msg, contact or etc. Thanks

  9. Hello. I started out with G Suite for a professional email. I set up two email accounts with my domain name. I pointed the domain to Hostgator because I’m building a website now. Do I need to follow these steps for my two email accounts? I’m not even sure I understand all of this, however I saw that pointing a domain to another host can affect the email accounts.

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