Enable Redis Object Cache for WordPress Database Optimization

Enable Redis Object Cache for WordPress Database Optimization

Learn how to set up a Redis Object Cache that helps in eliminating the frequent WordPress MySQL database calls by caching the complex queries, and serve cached output for similar next request. Read more:

Previously posted about Nginx FastCGI Cache:

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6 thoughts on “Enable Redis Object Cache for WordPress Database Optimization

  1. But what if we are hosting multiple website you didn’t put key I’d it will be mixed with the other website 😂

  2. Hi, thanks for the Vid.

    What should I do if I need to prevent some pages or things to be cached?
    And what If I use a builder like Elementor? do I need to do something for it to works?

    Thanks again man.

  3. Hello Sir, I am not a developer. I use ServerPilot to manage my server. Please guide me to install Redis server on my website server.
    There is a difference between what you suggest and what ServerPilot mentions at its website. Which one should I follow?




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