Enabling HTTPS On Your Website With Let's Encrypt

Enabling HTTPS On Your Website With Let's Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority. It allows you to create the digital certificates needed to enable HTTPS (SSl/TLS) for your websites. And it’s free!


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23 thoughts on “Enabling HTTPS On Your Website With Let's Encrypt

  1. Useful video! Wanted to know one thing. Since this ssl certificate is created by let's encrypt, is it a trusted root certificate authority? If not, the browser will through an error that my connection is not private.

  2. If your cron do not run as expected it's maybe because renewal use system d timer …
    systemctl list-timers | egrep "NEXT|certbot"

  3. Make a video about installing OpenSuse X64bit
    On as the default os on laptoowhen I try it installed wrong
    Because it works alongside Windows 10 and I want to Erase everything formatting All hard disk and install OprnSuse as Default AOS On My Laptoo

  4. Short and simple. Could you make some tuts on HUGO?. I need to make a photo gallery with a link on the photo to point to an article. I know to do it in a raw html js css but I need some direction in hugo.
    It's a pain if I have to write a plugin just for a page with 3×4 photogrid. I like the idea to write md files but I loose some control

    Good site though. Content and design.

  5. For me the specific configs for the HTTP-server were hard to understand, it took a whole day to understand for apache and NginX.
    What would be the Https equivalent for Gopher?

  6. Docker, traefik, and dns challenge for let's encrypt is my preferred setup. But thank you for the tutorial I sure wish I had this when teaching myself ssl. Ssl can be tricky to setup.

  7. Hey certbot can also be used with Nginx if you add the parameter certbot –nginx -d example.com -d www.example.com to it. just saying πŸ˜‰

  8. Perfect timing! I was about to rent a VPS and a domain, but was hesitating because SSL would cost 20 bucks more per year. Thanks for the video.

  9. Very professional looking website! It looks more professional than the official sites for some distros πŸ˜€

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