ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source ERP System that is Enterprise and Production ready.

ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source ERP System that is Enterprise and Production ready.

I’ve created a demo administrative user for anyone who wants to use it. Hope it helps,
un: demo-admin
email: [email protected]
pw: d3m0-admin-#@!

ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source ERP (Enterprise REsource Planning) Solution that is production ready, and able to be run in a number of ways. In this video I’ll show you how to install and run it with docker and docker-compose, as well as provide a few settings that you may want to know about after install is complete.

I’ll be leaving this test site up through Sept 15. IF you sign up and want admin access contact me via Telegram @MickInTX or through my email (I enter it in the video).

=== Links ===
Show Notes

ERPNext Main Site

ERPNext GitHub

ERPNext Docker Install

=== Timestamps ===
00:00 Beginning
00:11 Introduction to ERPNext
03:55 Install ERPNext with Docker
17:25 First RUN and User Interface for ERPNext
20:55 Settings for ERPNext
29:40 Thank you all so much!

=== Contact ===
Twitter: @mickintx
Telegram: @MickInTx
Mastodon: @MickInTX

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What does the money go to?
To Pay for Digital Ocean droplets, donations to open source projects I feature, any hardware I may need to purchase for future episodes (which I will then give to a subscriber in a drawing or contest).

=== Attributions ===
Intro and Outro music provided by

34 thoughts on “ERPNext is a free, self hosted, open source ERP System that is Enterprise and Production ready.

  1. Nice video, but you kind of skirted over nginx part. I really dont want to host on default ports for security reasons. Can you explain more what I should do after edit the treafik file please.

    Edit: not as complicated as I thought it would be. Just edit the port as you say then simply add the port number in the end of url. You don't need to mess about with nginx manager if you dont want to.

  2. Hi Brian, I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. However, I got stuck and cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. When I do "sudo reboot", I get a pop up "remote side unexpectedly closed network connection". I am a complete noob and I have spent the last three days trying to figure out what could be the cause. Can you help?

  3. Nice Video…. Thanks for the easy setup………….. But i was wondering how can we restore data to a new setup

  4. If you guys don't want to deal with hosting and terminal configuration for ERPNext, there's Frappe Cloud

  5. 12.1.2020 – Can confirm this still works and don't forget to modify your ufw settings in Ubuntu for ports 443 and 80.

  6. Been using since 2016.. Really good.. I pay programmer to do the set up and update what I need.. Really good video Sir!

  7. Thank you for the tutorial! All is working very well! But I have a question. How can I access source code for edit? for example, enable development mode or run bench commands?

  8. Great video 🙂 nice to see someone promoting ERPNext, they are a great bunch of folks who stay true to FOSS while still having a profitable business.

  9. Would this set up work with using an external reverse proxy that handles all my SSL? I have a VM that has nginx in it that accepts all 80 and 443 requests from separate hostnames, and depending on the hostname it then proxy redirect forwards to another VM in the network. From what I am gathering from this, traefik handles the ssl so it may conflict with my reverse proxy?

  10. Hi, thanks for this amazing video. It was very helpful. I currently have my production environment running. However, how do i switch between the development and production mode for this specific setup.

  11. Thank you so much for this. however, I noticed that when the system restarts traefik enters a restart loop. what can I do please?

  12. Very helpful to see someone else do it. I would love to see more on this system.

    There is an issue with the video though. 24:20 the screen goes black for a bit.

  13. I signed up to the ERP site. Will you please let me in?
    I also want to know how you can change its domain from something like erp.example.local to

  14. I have a project id like to see your review. Meaning i stumbled across it. I did not create it. lol. from what i gather it's like an opensource self hosted

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