esp8266+mqtt(Cloud mqtt)

esp8266+mqtt(Cloud mqtt)

Implementing iot protocol MQTT Protocol in esp8266(Node MCU) with Cloud MQTT Server.You can control your ESP8266 Via the MQTT Lens chrome extension or Any other MQTT clients such as Android Mqtt client application(IoT MQTT Dashboard).You have to change your credentials in the below source code.

10 thoughts on “esp8266+mqtt(Cloud mqtt)

  1. May I ask you a question? How you could connect 2 or more node MCU to
    the same broker ( Cloud MQTT Server )in the same account?do you think it is possible?
    I mean using MQTT
     Cloud MQTT Server is a broker and one esp8266-12e is a client that publishes
    data, other esp8266-12E subscribe to the same topic

    any help regarding my question I will appreciate

    thanks in advance

  2. Please help me 🙁

    trying to connect
    flush start
    setting serial port timeouts to 1 ms
    setting serial port timeouts to 1000 ms
    flush complete
    espcomm_send_command: sending command header
    espcomm_send_command: sending command payload

    Rx — RX
    Tx – TX
    VCC – 3.3v
    gnd – gnd


  3. hi, do you know how to secure the connection with cloudmqtt and esp8266 by any chance? (free plan cloudmqtt)

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