Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Hybrid | Mailbox Migration Exchange Online | Step by Step Guide

Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Hybrid | Mailbox Migration Exchange Online | Step by Step Guide

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This video will cover a complete step by step guide and tutorial showing a migration from Exchange 2013/2016 on-premise to Office 365 and Exchange online using the hybrid connection wizard.

Hybrid migration can be great for organizations that want to have some mailboxes on premises and some in the cloud, with the freedom to move mailboxes back and forth as required, with a option of a full migration of mailboxes to office 365 as the end goal. This offers a low risk and a planned approach which is seamless to end users.

Hybrid configurations are available for Exchange organizations that contain at least one Exchange 2010 SP3 or later server. In this scenario we are running two Exchange servers, one 2013 and the other 2016 with our domain We will install the hybrid connector on Exchange 2016 server.

As a prerequisite, Hybrid configurations require directory synchronization, syncing on premise active directory using AD Connect to Azure AD as shown in the diagram. In this demo we will use AD connect with password synchronization and single sign-on.

Please note: Changing MX DNS records need to be done well in advance as it can take upto 48 hours of the change being made to allow propagation through DNS. Please bear this in mind so it wil not effect your mailflow or any downtime you need to schedule to make the change. The following content is covered in this video.

Intro diagram
AD Connect – password hash and exchange hybrid deployment
Domain name setup
Licenses Microsoft E3 trial
On-premise Exchange config
On-premise virtual directories
Certificates (third party CA)
Domain registrar MX records
Hybrid connection wizard connectivity
Hybrid connection wizard install and configuration
What’s changed after the hybrid install?
Testing mail flow
Change MX records for office 365
Mailbox migration


Troubleshoot a Exchange hybrid deployment

Office 365 E3 (Microsoft E3) trial license signup

Microsoft Hybrid Agent requirements and verify connectivity

Office 365 admin center

Azure AD Connect install and configuration

4 thoughts on “Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Hybrid | Mailbox Migration Exchange Online | Step by Step Guide

  1. Great video! Have one question though:
    CompanyA has an Exchange on-prem and O365 hybrid configuration like in your video as they want to migrate all mailboxes to O365. CompanyA acquires CompanyB, that has Exchange on-prem only. What do you suggest?

    A) Migrate CompanyB to Company Exchange on-prem and them migrate mailboxes to O365
    B) Set up another hybrid between CompanyB on-prem and CompanyAs O365 tenant

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Great video! Thanks! I have a coworker who is against going hybrid before migration due to potential issues hybrid may cause, but personally, I don't see the drawbacks of going hybrid while in the migration process? We're currently running on-prem 2016 Exchange and will be moving to Exchange Online. Do you have any thoughts on why you would not want to go hybrid before migraiton?

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