Extended Web Hosting Cyber Monday  2020 ~ Up To 80% Off Hosting With Free Domain Name ~ Black Friday

Extended Web Hosting Cyber Monday 2020 ~ Up To 80% Off Hosting With Free Domain Name ~ Black Friday

The New Year Deals/Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are finally here and they are always the best web hosting deals of the year. With the Promo code WEBYODA, you can save up to 80% off HostGator web hosting package and get your domain name for free as well. With HostGator your WordPress website hosting will cost as little as $2.71 per month and you still get the free domain name as well as a free secure key. The trick is to know how to get the best possible deal and still end up with high quality web hosting. Black Friday Cyber Monday hosting is worthless if the hosting provider is not top notch. This video shows you how to determine the best hosting during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, how to purchase your web hosting to get the best deal on quality website hosting, how to insure you get your domain name for free, then how to install WordPress at no cost with one click install. Following that with your choice of 8 different complete video courses on how to make a website a no cost to you.

FREQUENTLY ASK QUESTION: How is this offer 80% Off?

Both the partner link HostGator.com/webyoda and the promocode WEBYODA get you %81.25 off on a 12 month plan. The Math: One year of hosting at the regular price is $8.95 x 12 = $107.40, the secure key regular price is $39.99, and the domain name regular price is $17.99 for a grand total of $165.38 before tax for 12 months. Using the partner link HostGator.com/webyoda or the promocode WEBYODA, you get a free domain name, a free secure key and the total for hosting is reduced to $31.00 which is %81.25 off. ($165.38 x %18.75 = $31.00). I hope this helps clear up any confusion about the discount.


Host Link :
Coupon #1 : webyoda (Save 75% off)
Coupon #2 : webyoda1cent (1st Month is only 1 cent)

How to Backup Your Own Website :
How to Make a Website :

Backup Website :
Free Logo : (Coupon WEBYODA30OFF)

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00:00:00 Step 01 – Introduction
00:04:16 Step 02 – Purchase Web Hosting (Up To 80% off & Free Domain)
00:09:08 Step 03 – Non-HostGator Domains (Name Server Settings)
00:09:42 Step 04 – Log In To Your Control Panel
00:10:11 Step 05 – Email Forward Setup
00:10:54 Step 06 – Find The WordPress Installer App
00:11:24 Step 07 – Fix A WordPress Install Error
00:12:29 Step 08 – Install WordPress
00:15:19 Step 09 – Login To Your WordPress Admin
00:15:48 Step 10 – Choose A Free WordPress Tutorial Video
00:16:15 Step 11 – Access WebYoda’s Free Website Resources
00:17:13 Step 12 – You Finished, Well Done!

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  2. thank you so much for this easy to follow hosting discounts tutorial, i followed all process and it looks very good 🙂

  3. This black friday hosting video is definitely worth the watch. I was able to get a deal on hosting, install wordpress for free, and build my website for free.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the cyber week wordpress deals. I was a little confused about my domain name, but HostGator support helped me quickly

  5. It was definitely worth the wait to get cyber week web hosting discounts. Thanks webyoda for the great tutorial

  6. Amazing! Cyber week web hosting for less than $35, a free domain name and a free secure key. Definitely a great deal.

  7. The cyber week hosting specials in this video were nearly too good to be true. I paid $31 for the whole year.

  8. WebYoda, thanks for another great video. The cyber week hosting specials described exceeded my expectations

  9. The once a year cyber week deals on hosting turned out to be worth the wait. Savig nearly 80% is an incredible deal for me.

  10. These are the best discounts i have ever get and thanks for this useful information about the cyber monday cheap web hosting options.

  11. Hey Yoda, I just bought this plan with your link and successfully migrated my local website, surprisingly it ended to load extremely fast and their interface is so easy to use, so I am quite happy making this decision

  12. Seems pretty good to be true for a cheap price but these black friday wordpress hosting deals are legit. Thanks webyoda

  13. I was able to move my website and save over $100 thanks to the cyber week cheap web hosting option in this video

  14. Saving up to 80% with cyber monday web hosting discounts seem too good to be true. Thank you Yoda for sharing your expertise

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  16. Obviously not all cyber monday hosting discounts are created equal. WebYoda's video definitely helped assure me that I made the correct choice with Hostgator

  17. Hey Yoda, your black friday hosting deals video really hit the mark, there are so many confusing options out there

  18. I needed new hosted because I was paying too much, Yoda told me to wait until cyber week for the web hosting specials. Glad I listen as he saved me about $100 in my first year alone.

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