20 thoughts on “Fast React Website Deployment With Firebase

  1. For which GitHub repository would you like to set up a GitHub workflow? (format: user/repository) i stucked here what should i do windows user here

  2. Nice video! I personally love firebase, I use it for database / authentication all the time. I have a question, if you already did "firebase init" as in 3:57 and selected like "Firestore" beforehand, and still wanna deploy after, do you run "firebase init" again and do hosting?

  3. I did not get the file build overwrite prompt but rather the Set up automatic builds and deploys with GitHub? (y/N) prompt, what would you do?

  4. You're a King took me two days to deploy my App until I saw this video then deployed in only 10 minutes. Thank you so much

  5. 1. create project in firebase, 2. Install firebase, 3- firebase login, 4-run build , 5- firebase init,6-firebase deploy , thanks for the video !

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