Fastest Shared Hosting in 2020? Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Namecheap

Fastest Shared Hosting in 2020? Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Namecheap

Which shared hosting provider is the fastest? Is it Bluehost, DreamHost, or Namecheap? This video will not only answer that question, but also educate you on why page speed matters for your WordPress website and reveal which web host is the cheapest.

Shared Unlimited hosting from DreamHost 👉 (my recommendation)
Stellar Plus hosting from Namecheap: 👉

To measure website page speed, I use a series of testing including:
1) which measures time to first byte (TTFB)
2) Lighthouse Audits in Chrome DevTools
3) Google PageSpeed Insights
4) Open source tool

This video wouldn’t be possible without my favorite cloud hosting company Vultr 👉

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23 thoughts on “Fastest Shared Hosting in 2020? Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Namecheap

  1. You know what, you have done an excellent job by providing those stats and tests. I am with namecheap for past 10 years, but I was feeling it was getting slow. I was almost going to opt for hostinger or fastcomet hosting today. But now I feel I should stay with namecheap. I will be buying a new shared hosting package, stellar plus for my upcoming websites and I will make sure to use your referral link 😉 .

  2. Thanks a lot for this video man, I was a bit worried about the speed since I need to host like five new websites. I will definitely use ur link.

  3. Hi Tony, I love the content you are creating. I am based in the middle east and so are most of my target audience for my websites. I tried namecheap and since they have only servers in us & uk. I wasnt getting the best speed. So i recently moved to chemicloud who use Digital ocean servers. I chose the india region and the speed has been great so far and really happy with their support and user interface.

  4. Salutations from Arizona, what would you recommend me to get? I have already bought the domain yesterday at name cheap.. Am barely starting my small business.
    Would you recommend try them out? Or take my domain to dreamhost?

  5. Just happened to come across your channel while searching for how to lower TTFB for my site hosted on WPX. Also checked your other videos, you have done awesome work. I would also love to see comparison b/w WPX hosting (which was tested against many other known hosting companies and found to be a winner by Matthew Woodward), namehero (have heard good things about their shared hosting) and siteground. Many thanks for putting out good content.

  6. Most sites are at least three pages, so this is not an accurate test. Video seems very rushed, especially since most reviewers disagree with almost all of your points.

  7. You have put some real research in this video. Thumbs up for your efforts and thank you, Tony. I hope you grow fast on youtube. Keep up the good work.

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