Firebase Hosting Tutorial #1 - Intro & Installation

Firebase Hosting Tutorial #1 – Intro & Installation

Learn how to deploy your websites to Firebase! In this Firebase hosting tutorial I’ll introduce you to the Firebase service and show you how to get up & running by installing the firebase tools (Firebase CLI)


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Firebase –
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46 thoughts on “Firebase Hosting Tutorial #1 – Intro & Installation

  1. when I type firebase login it shows An unexpected error has error has occurred pls help me I am stuck from 5 days

  2. Good intro! For anyone on a Mac: if you get errors installing firebase, try “sudo npm install -g firebase-tools” and it should work fine.

  3. Hi! I am getting an error while trying to install npm install -g firebase-tools :


    throw err;


    Error: Cannot find module '@grpc/grpc-js'

    Require stack: (…)

    Any ideas? i have node and npm installed

  4. You are just awesome Shaun , I have been following you like since 2018 and your tutorials have been really helpful . Thanks Mate !

  5. You should have a playlist for this 3 video series if you don't already have one.

  6. youre a life saver, literally 0 experience here besides python and I'm trying to make a project for my local community

  7. Awesome video.
    Question: I've installed the firebase CLI on two different computers, so how do I go about "syncing" the two so that I can make changes to the site/app via both machines? Is that even a thing?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Shaun , the first website I developed from PSD template is by watching your videos, your explanations are awesome, it helped me a lot

  9. Spent earlier part of the evening wasting time on another tutorial for Firebase where the guy skipped over 50% of what you need to do to get an app working. I know Node, I know html/css/js…I am BRAND NEW to Firebase, literally a newborn to the subject. Google's docs are fine, but my learning style is watch it done first then reference docs when stuck expanding on what I watched. Should've reviewed those YouTube results harder and started here. Great video so far and so happy to see four left to go!

  10. Win10 npm would not install firebase-tools and here is my fix.
    It was a permissions problem. Doing an nvm install instead of the Node.js site install gave me the permissions.
    Here is an excellent tute on how to do this:
    Then I was able to install firebase-tools.

  11. i get this ⠦ hosting: hashing files [34/40] (85%)
    Error: An unexpected error has occurred.
    ⠧ hosting: hashing files [34/40] (85%)

  12. Hello, I would like to share a discord with you
    Firebase Developers is a new and growing community of Firebase Users where you can gain insight and help with your projects answers.

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