Firebase Hosting Tutorial #5 - Config & Redirects

Firebase Hosting Tutorial #5 – Config & Redirects

Learn how to deploy your websites to Firebase! In this final Firebase hosting tutorial I’ll show you how to edit the config of our hosting a little as well as discuss how to put some redirects in place.


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26 thoughts on “Firebase Hosting Tutorial #5 – Config & Redirects

  1. I really enjoyed this series🌟.i Loved the net ninja💝 teaching is really very very good😎….I hope to make more series' eposide. …in future…..and I have a suggestion. To make little series on three js or next js……🙂

  2. All components and config files are visible to client… How to deploy so that only chank files are on client side!?

  3. Please Make a video on manage multiple sites in firebase and how to deploy it if we have more then one site in firebase hosting.
    Thank you !!

  4. thanks for making such videos,
    How to implement .htacess in firebase,
    Like display as

  5. Hello Mr. Shaun, would you please make a video/ mini-course about how to deploy a SPA with a real web address (such as I know how to deploy a static website to Hostgator. But I am wondering how to deploy a full-stack firebase site to a real web address. Thank you

  6. My app didn't initialize as a web app in the beginning so I didn't get a config object
    You should really specify

  7. Thanks fort his one too. I would appreciate an extension to this course which would teach how to set up a deploy for a SPA that features user uploads (avatars, images, docs). I bet it would also touch on firebase claims, read/write rules, probably storage for those blobs. Would be very interesting to see 🙂

  8. you just awsome.. really i dont hav words how much you support other junior level developers like us..

    keep it up bro.. i just watch this whole series in an hour and am gonna be use this as soon as possible..

  9. I love your teaching style! If you haven't, could you please do a tutorial on search functions using react/firebase?

  10. Plz VUE + Laravel with authentication. Even on udemy, whatever, I will pay whatever in your for this explanation. Now I bought your Vue + Firebase and following it, its great. BUT, Laravel is what gets you hired!!!

  11. I really grasp your way of teaching. Any change you will be making a series on firebase combined with nuxt.js?

  12. Hey ninja! Can a get job hired if I completely know creating full stack apps with vue and firebase? Looking to buy your udemy courses, but I think no one is looking for firebase developer to hire as backend? All look for other back ends like laravel, express, etc but not any solid course exists as vue+firebase

  13. That's dude;
    Wait, what is the difference between "permanent -301" and "temporary -302" redirects!? More importantly, the what situation dictate one to be used.

    Greetings from Tanzania 🇹🇿

  14. Amazing channel 😍
    I have one question…what is the computer you use I want type and how many RAM, HDD,SDD(if exist)??!😅

  15. Great mini series as always! I tried to deploy a next.js website myself in firebase, but couldn’t get it done. Maybe an idea for the “next” video 😉

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