Firebase Pricing

Firebase Pricing

Explanation and examination of Firebase’s pricing model. My thoughts about the firebase pricing model in terms of when to pick each plan. Full explanation of how firebase pricing works.
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Disclaimer: this video explains what I like to do with my own projects and does not constitute advice for anyone else.

48 thoughts on “Firebase Pricing

  1. Thanks for explaining the firebase pricing model so well, but unfortunately for almost every app with general functionality you are required to enable some GCloud APIs, which in turn requires you to switch on the blaze plan. Anyhow I love Firebase, Firestore, Cloud Functions, Gcloud

  2. So you're saying if I somehow had a bug and crossed the limits, the app would stop working and not automatically increase my bill right?

  3. Can u tell me how to use ads other than admobs in my app like I wanna create a platform like admobs where people can post ads and it will be displayed on my app automatically. Please help me

  4. I am very scared about the amount of reads, not because 50k is low but because university society website that I made uses a lot of security features (to write a single data it checks in multiple places whether the client is admin or not) and because of the rules, I unfortunately can't get ads on the site and can't make payment to google. I'm trying to optimize the code a lot more but I make 2k reads by myself in 8 hours of non-stop programming. Maybe noone will make such a thing in daily use but this scenario scares the shit out of me …

  5. I am planning to make a little blog/portfolio about my own projects with Angular and Firebase. The only thing I am gonna post are gonna be my own projects and talk about them. Do I need to pay anything monthly? Do you think I am gonna exceed the limits?

  6. Please help Mr 😂
    I wants to make a social media site where the users can post pictures and some videos
    Let's say I got 1000 users posting small videos and pictures( let's say every day for 1 month)
    How much stayed up without using do you think?

  7. i wanna make application that record realtime location of users, thats gonna need lot of read write process. Which one do you think is cheaper, using Realtime Database or Cloud Firestore?

  8. The 1GB free stores might sound confusing, because “who” has a site that is that large. The reason why you get a total of 1GB is because Firebase stores all your deployments up to that limit. It is stored for situations where you what to rollback your site to a deployment.

  9. And… Is there any video to understand terms like invocation, phone authentication and other for practicals… Just to understand requirements for the project… I have no idea what phone authentication I require or invocation.. I am a newbiii…. So anything is appreciated

  10. Hey… Is it that we can select different plans for invocation, storage and for others… Kind of free for one ..and might chose blaze for storage …

    Or just one of three… And all features will add up according to that plan….

    Or only one of all the rows is selected..? I.e. either storage plan or cloud firebase plan… Like that

  11. Thank you, it was very helpful. I have one question. The spark plan's data storage,read, write are per user account as a whole or per individual app?

  12. Hey mate! My question is
    I am building an app which will have user around 4-5k i want to choose firestore for that.I just want to know that does firestore have any hidden charges??What is network egress that they have included in their pricing? Or i just have to pay for documents writes and reads and delete only. Does it also has the limit for simultaneous connection? And does the free plane is enough for me.The app is a school management app.
    Thanks in Advance

  13. Hey i wanna azk u if we pay for each project or for the total? And also if we just set up a firebase account but we didnt make any projects is there any bills?

  14. This was really helpful. I had one question though. If I have a startup that is similar to Uber type of business? And I run my backend on firebase? How much do you think will be my yearly cost for running the app on firebase?

  15. Thanks for useful information. Can you please tell me…… for a simple dating app , how many users firebase can handle with Spark plan.

  16. My one question would be does Spark Plan Free tier expire? Cause im currently trying to finish an app. I have already been using Firebases server to host it.. Not really going over the limit as I'm the only one who has the app.. With all that being said, will i have to pay for anything at the end of the month or so? lol Im so confused.

  17. I've tried using Firebase for a little Chatbox type of app I made and yeah, I have to agree. Spark plan does well enough for texts. :PP

  18. Hi…i have a question
    What if i stored my videos files in firebase and i want my users to watch them online or directly without downloading them into their device… would i got charged for storage services only or even to watch the videos online is charged too? Is it also counted as download service?
    Thank you and nice video….

  19. Hello, What is the right solution to store voice files ( 180 Kb each), in the database or outside (Drive)? how should it impact the price structure? Thank you !

  20. Great and very informative video. I want to build an app for my project what do you recommend i use or who do you recommend i go to. Im just planning to start my own business and don't have that much cash. Thanks for the video, it's so helpful.

  21. If i upgrade to blaze plan but unfortunately the quota doesn't exceeds the spark plan ,
    Do i have to pay money even then???

  22. Hey mate. On your new Mic you might want to turn down the gain and move it closer or speak louder into it. That will elimate the noise in the background. Thanks for the tutorial.

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