Fix Ownership, Group and Permission issues - Magento 2 Tutorial

Fix Ownership, Group and Permission issues – Magento 2 Tutorial

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A very common issue that I see related to Magento issues comes down to Ownerships, Groups and Permissions.

If you’ve received an error message relating to this, then stick with me as I explain how to check and fix each of these points.

Overlooking Ownerships, Groups and Permissions can be very easy given how overwhelming the installation process of Magento can be. In fact, it’s something that comes up so often that I decided to cover it in this video.

Throughout this video, I will make references to the “How to install Magento 2.3” video from last year. If your setup is different, don’t worry as this video still may apply to you.

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11 thoughts on “Fix Ownership, Group and Permission issues – Magento 2 Tutorial

  1. Hi, good day, I am having issues importing images using CSV file. The popped error shown was 'Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions in row(s): 1,2,3,4. I have also changed the file permission of the media folder, please advise! Thanks in advance Craig, looking forward to your reply!

  2. Hi,
    how do I know whether I shall use the 'one user' procedure or the 'dual user' one?!
    I have a shared server – so I would think I should use 'one user' procedure – but when going that way (logging in PuTTy etc.) and fulfilling info explained here under point 3
    I get the information : Not owner
    Although I have used the most standard username I got from my hoster….

  3. while saving admin cms pages getting 404 not found only for files in magento 2

    i'm getting issue while saving image

  4. I LOVE YOU MAN!!! GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly what I needed and well explained… cannot thank you enough! You're the BEST

  5. Great professional tutorial, very useful information. Please make some videos of changing Front-End Magento ie. editing logo, colour schemes, menu layout and more…

  6. thank you men!, but what about Ownership, Group and Permission issues on local installation for developing themes and modules?, in my case I change the user of apache2 to my OS user so I can develop in
    /home/ dannyalfonzo/www/mymagento2folder without problems

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