Free Eve-NG on Google Cloud | Python | VS Code | DHCP and NAT on Eve-NG for devices in the lab

Free Eve-NG on Google Cloud | Python | VS Code | DHCP and NAT on Eve-NG for devices in the lab

#EVENG #Python #VSCode
Shell Script used to setup Eve-NG, copy images from GCP bucket to Eve-NG correct directory, create the iourc file with license, DHCP and NAT on Eve-NG. Devices in the lab get access to the Internet.

00:00 Free Eve-NG on Google Cloud
1:58 Eve-NG GCP
4:05 Create GCP Bucket
5:45 Create VM Instance
8:38 Eve-NG Install
19:36 Shell Script for Eve Setup
27:00 VS Code
30:00 Python Virtual Env
31:00 Paramiko
31:30 Netmiko
33:08 Netconf

10 thoughts on “Free Eve-NG on Google Cloud | Python | VS Code | DHCP and NAT on Eve-NG for devices in the lab

  1. Is it possible to port forward the external ip to a node in eve? Say you want to browse a node in eve, can you port forward the external public ip and use the public ip to access eve node

  2. I have deployed EVE-NG on the cloud, I also did the NAT config to have access to the internet for devices, but when I try to access some sites I am unable to access. For example for F5 device license activation, we need to access license.activation.f5 website, I am unable to reach this site from the cloud, some of the sites are reachable from the Win PC and some not on the cloud, what could be the possible reason and how to fix this issue.

  3. Can you please advise how to access the GUI of Firewall from the Cloud, in our VMWARE local home setup we do it by connecting the firewall to the cloud management 0, and then we give the IP of firewall in browser and we are able to access, but in cloud suppose i gave the ip to cloud pnet9 and defined nat and then connected the FW to cloud and gave ip, when i give the ip of FW on browser i am unable to reach, what changes we have to do in our local host machine to be able to reach this cloud pnet9

  4. I am having error when activating cloud shell, the error is gcloud.compute.images.create could not fetch resources.
    Kind help

  5. I am struggling to update my linux server that is running inside EVE-Lab project. I tested it via cloud1 and cloud0 network connection to possibly connect to internet. It seems like it cannot connect to internet, but from Linux server I can ping My Eve-ng box. error —- temporary failure resolving '' when getting update.

    please help thank you

  6. Hello, nice content. I followed the step by step, but every time i restart the VM the DHCP "disappear". I need to run the part script "" for pnet1 work again, even if i do
    this i need to configure the devices with static address. I know any solution for this? Thanks in advance.

  7. Thank you for uploading this informative video. Would be grateful if you could share the files that you have uploaded from your PC

  8. Your video is by far the best I have seen on YouTube. I am now learning Network Automation. Can you be of help??

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