Free, Fast Front End Hosting Tutorial

Free, Fast Front End Hosting Tutorial

Here’s how you can use firebase hosting as a free, easy solution for all your front end apps — whether framework-based or just plain html, css, javascript

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34 thoughts on “Free, Fast Front End Hosting Tutorial

  1. Can you just do this to host a website for free? Like if I want to host my own blog or something, etc? instead of paying $130/year for hosting with bluehost or another service?

  2. The video is awesome and clear! Thanks guy! BTW, just a small suggestion, the prompt font is not that easy to recognize. You can try another font next time~ 🙂

  3. Amazing advice. I'm in debt right now but would still be very happy to pay for your content, I mean that literally.

    Plus fwiw I totally agree cutting refined carbs for clarity, morning learning routines and optimising the limited focusable hours is brilliant advice. This will help so many; I must admit myself that I'm guilty of leaving freelance stuff until after dinner when your advice is so true. I'll experiment with that morning programming philosophy tomorrow.

    Finally, experimentation, couldn't agree more, great life philosophy. Some 'Progress Bushido' you are providing us right here.

    As you say: No BS.

    Wish you all the best.

  4. This isn't working for me, my folder isn't getting selected. I tried giving an absolute path, but that just creates a new folder inside my wd. I even edited the firebase.json file and specified the folder there, but no success. I'd be grateful for any advise.

  5. I am your fan, watched almost all the videos since yesterday. you are great, and I would love to watch videos from you. thank you so much.

  6. Amazing content. It's short and strait to the point. Will be using this knowledge very soon for my personal project. Big thanks! Keep up the great videos.

  7. Nice video! question what are the downsides of using this hosting as opposed to the other popular paid alternatives such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc? will a website hosted this way be able to sustain a big amount of traffic ? or this approach would be mostly recommended for hosting personal projects/resumes etc that don't require much from a hosting perspective?

  8. I'm amazed by the number of different services we have now to deploy a website ! Firebase, now, netlify, github page and I'm sure they are many more !
    Thanks for this video !

  9. Thanks for the great video! I've made a couple of full stack projects that I want to host. Can I host the backend on Firebase too? (I'm using Node for the backend.)

  10. Code Drip
    AT 4:12 Outdated Info – NO hosting: it only brings you to the firebase Dashboard.
    What you gonna do now bro?

  11. You are very awesome brother. could you please show us how can we start an e-commerce business? Because as being a technical guy I am not able to view through Business mindset. Instead what I see is more of technical thing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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