43 thoughts on “Free Hosting for Python Scripts on Google Cloud

  1. Check out my video about uploading files to the Google Cloud server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oI5ZC-jnJQ

  2. Getting this error while installing gspread_pandas " "E: Unable to locate package python3-gspread_pandas"

  3. Hi, be careful, the blur can be removed, I don't want to teach how, but I suggest you and everyone to don't input private information under bluring.

    You can also simply make an exemple in text without your information for the video purposes.
    (My goal is to help, I hope it does)
    Nice video! Perfect for testing.

  4. Does scripts works even after we shut down system ?? Also I don't understand why you have filled info in google cloud platform ??

  5. @JayMartMedia Do I need to run the TMUX command in order to have the CRON JOB work? Or is this something seperate?

  6. i have a question, i have a python script that does checks prices for products on amazon, and emails me if if there is a price drop/discount. So because of that, my python script requires other libraries, so will I need to first pip install/download those libraries to the server?

  7. Hey bro, i had made a voice assistant and i want to run it on a website. When i will press a button on my website it will run the voice assistant. Please can you tell me , how to do that…?

  8. I'm getting this error and when I delete this code line it's still happening in other lines can you help me with that please ?

    File "bot.py", line 64

    await channel.send(f'Welcome {member.mention}! Ready to jam out? See `!help` command for details!')


    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  9. Love your video! I'm working on a project with several APIs and I have to deploy it on a cloud but I don't have any experience with cloud

  10. Any ideas why SSH window keeps crashing a few moments after I click the "SSH" button? I can't get into the black SSH at all… I just see the loading screen and then boom… crash. I just see "Transferring SSH keys to the VM"…. I am clicking the SSH button for the very first time, had never logged in before because I keeps failing ever since.

  11. Hey, working on college project n
    I've one python code and want to keep it running continuously 24/7, as it contains conditional statements, I don't want to start the whole code again from beginning, just want to keep it active/running as it is for 24/7 until it gets stopped by stop() command. I don't know whether it's possible as you described in video at last using tmux, as it restarts the code from start.

  12. Kind stupid question…I created a cronjob tha will execute a python script (takes about 9 minutes to complete) once every week. From henceforth if I want to have this work I will be paying 6 dollars monthly ? (using the micro vm)

  13. idk how to use this, but i wna just learn to make a gui rock paper scissors game on this. awesome! going to start this project!

  14. One Question
    I have created a python game using pygame and tkinter and i want to upload the file on the web/make the game run on the web and have its own address not localhost
    how can i do that?

  15. Hi great tutorial thumbs up and subscribe 🙂 thank you!
    ANYBODY: Is there any way how to run there script which is using selenium and webdriver (Firefox)?

    Thank you! I was trying few things but nothing work like I needed.

  16. Thank you! Possible to use this method (Google Cloud) to run a python-based web site associated with a domain name?

  17. I have a question. If I need another file besides the python code in the directory, for example a JSON file, how would I add that to the directory? Would I add it the same way the python file was added?

  18. Hi Jay, thanks for the informative video. I am currently making a Twitter bot which is supposed to run on an hourly basis. I followed the crontabs part, but it doesn't seem to run, any idea what's causing this? Must I use tmux for this since I only want the bot to post hourly? Thanks once again.

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