FREE Minecraft Hosting | Top 3 Free Minecraft Hosts

FREE Minecraft Hosting | Top 3 Free Minecraft Hosts

Free Minecraft Server Hosting. Free Minecraft Servers with my top 3 picks. Today I give my top 3 free Minecraft server hosting. Free Minecraft Hosting by these websites.

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💎 ReviveNode Hosting: 💎
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Discord ➜ Striker#1499
Discord Server➜
Youtube ➜

✔️Downloads: ✔️
3. Minehut:
1. Aternos:


✮ Music:
➜ NCS: [


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42 thoughts on “FREE Minecraft Hosting | Top 3 Free Minecraft Hosts

  1. aternos is not good today. in these days EVERYONE learned it and now using it.
    235+ mins and 3854 people in line.

  2. Nothing in life is free, Aternos has a queue time and in 2020 that queue time takes 1 hour or 2 hours or maybe even more.

  3. I have a problem with ATERNOS, it goes online and immedietly goes offline. Why does that happen? I don't have one second to log onto my server.

  4. Very cool video. 😀 I used Aternos for a while. But since I didn't like the performance, I switched to MCPEHosting with my Pocket Edition server. 🙂

  5. aternos is trash, minehut doesnt lag as much as aternos, has no lag but takes so long to resume the server

  6. Soul striker can you please give me the advanced enchantments since its 8.99eur or something and is like 1k Rs for us please my discord is LaKundus#0791

  7. Aternos : waiting for turning on the server ~160 minutes~
    +when you discover like… 20 chunks more than spawn, there goes the lag, and its unplayable on survival, maybe for escape maps its not that bad, but otherwise… meh

  8. Best free hosting is YOUR COMPUTER (or an old one to feel free when you use your main computer). With chance you have an i5, 4GB of ram (so 2,5 GB for the server), and lot of storage.

  9. Yeah, if anyone is wondering, aternos is verrrrrrrrrryyyy laggy. Especially if you have a lot of people, and the server just started.

  10. People saying that aternos is laggy, remember that depends the owner's ram usage because hosting with aternos uses your ram

  11. had no queue in July. In October it had 150 people in queue, and today I've tried, an it has 3.500 people, that's sad for me

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