Free SSL Certificate for GoDaddy in 2020 [Updated] - Install letsencrypt SSL

Free SSL Certificate for GoDaddy in 2020 [Updated] – Install letsencrypt SSL

I will show you how to Install a free Godaddy SSL Certificate using LetsEncrypt and an online tool called SSL Certificate Generator that I build. This will secure your website and get rid of those warnings and get you https URL in 10 minutes. Buy me a coffee ☕

SSL Certificate Generator:

Wildcard SSL:

I’ll be using Godaddy, but this free SSL will work on any web hosting with cPanel. In addition, I will show you how to always redirect users from http to https using just a few lines of code, so that they can always see the secured site.

If you get tired of renewing the SSL certificate every 90 days, then you can buy it from Namecheap for about $9/year and you only need to renew it once a year.
Here is how to do that:

Summary of free SSL Certificate for GoDaddy in 2020:

00:00 What we are going to do in summary
00:45 Why I switched to paid SSL
01:17 Go to the SSL Generator.
01:41 Enter your required details for the certificate
03:06 Verify that you own the domain.
Use file manager in cPanel to place the verification files in /.well-known/acme-challenge folder & verify it works.
07:17 Generate the SSL certificate and add it to GoDaddy
10:14 Add below code to your .htaccess file for http to https URL redirections
Updated the SSL certificate every 90 days and you have free SSL on your site!
12:16 Most common issues with SSL installation
A mixed content warning in WordPress:
A mixed content warning on HTML websites:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ [L,R=301]

Remember to update the SSL certificate every 90 days, I just use my google calendar to remind me about it, it takes me about 5 minutes to renew the SSL certificate.
Text article:

Hosting I’m using: (60% discount)
Where I get my domains:
WP plugins I’m using:
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41 thoughts on “Free SSL Certificate for GoDaddy in 2020 [Updated] – Install letsencrypt SSL

  1. Worked for me.. There are many smart tech savvy people on youtube, but this video was explained pragmatically, in a way myself and many other can understand. thumbs up & subbed. Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks a lot saved me today, i got first 90 days free with zero ssl and then they are asking for paid 10$/month i was going to buy but i though let me see if an options and i found you again (last time too your video helped)

  3. save my life today dude, thanks
    I bought a ssl from godaddy and I was dealing with issues to install it what never worked, so complicated.
    I installed with you in this video and it took me a couple minutes.. easy peasy 🙌🏼

  4. hey, Thanks for the tutorial
    when i am redirecting the site using htaccess it is working
    But now the url is showing like this
    https://domain name/wp-content/cache/all/index.html

    instead of just https://domain

    is this due to cache plugin i have used?
    does it create any problem with google ranking

    Thanks in Advance

  5. Hey dude,
    Great video but just a suggestion, please reduce the memes, would reduce the length of the video and would save us so much time, Thank again

  6. I need to use a wild card , and you mentioned that there would be a link in the description, but I'm not seeing it there. Could you reply with the link for me?

  7. You are the best. It seems like we should be able to generate our own SSL keys from some algorithm but I very much appreciate you making this easy for use.

  8. Hey, your tutorial is really beyond awesome, but I did everything correctly and it didn't work. Regardless, thank you big time.

  9. hi
    tipswithpunch .Thank you so much!!
     i have multiple subdomain.First subdomain add SSL for your video. but second subdomain also same procedure but didnot show  random characters . how to slove it.

  10. Thank you so much for the well explained walk through! I'm at the tail end of a 5 hour site migration and all I needed was to set up the SSL. You're an absolute treasure and I appreciate all your hard work!

  11. Fantastic! Thank you so much. Kimofy did a great SSL For Free tutorial a while back but it got out dated because SSL For Free ( now Zero SSL) aint free no-more!

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