28 thoughts on “Free SSL Certificate For GoDaddy Using ZeroSSL [2020 Update]

  1. My previous Free SSL guide isn't 100% accurate now as SSLFORFREE was bought by Zero SSL and the method changed. If you don't want to go through the trouble of setting all of it up get lifetime free SSL with every web hosting plan for Bluehost or SiteGround.
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  2. Help please…I will really appreciate your response. Thanks in advance 🙏

    So I followed every step and got to the verify domain page (I used http file as email and dns didn't work on profreehost) when I click the link on ssl for free after downloading the file, I saw a similar page as yours, but when I clicked on verify, it brings error messages "unable to very uploaded file"

    I tried it 5 different times, each time with different files and get a loaded page when I click on link only to get to verify and bring up the same can't verify message.

    Is there something am doing wrong please? Thanks

  3. Hi Emit, I got locked out of my website because of this exact situation where I haven't renewed my site. Do you know what I can do?

  4. Wow! Thank you man, Now I got it for free! Thank you, Very simple clear tutorial! I have used email admin. You deserve the "RED Button & Thump up "

  5. I wish you had started with the disclaimer at the end when you explained how I'll probably get locked out of my own site before I eventually move to a better host. Now it's probably going to be even more of a pain.

  6. After following all your steps I got this. Only while logged as an admin user in WordPress only it shows secured. Without login, it shows not secured and if we click on it shows the website is not fully secured why is that

  7. Hi @Emit.Reviews, I was wondering if your tutorial from the previous (using cloudflare) is still application to this date and to future dates? What's the difference between using the two techniques? thank you 🙂


    awesome information but, I use a basic managed worpress website i.e i do not have access to cpanel, my hosting provider is go daddy. shifting from worpress manager to cpanel is even costly than buying a ssl on go daddy. please help i have already downloaded the zip file with ssl …. i only need to install it now. Please help!

  9. although I like your presentation, the step sequence is wrong. made me waste a lot of time because of that.

  10. Great video easy steps and good instructions…. but… not sure if it is something with my hosting provider or something else…
    @Emit.Reviews would be grateful if you could help 🙂
    Did anyone try this on 123reg? I have access to admin email so got the verification emails no problem. Got the files downloaded but when it comes to installation of the files in "Manage SSL" I have link only to "buy SSL" from 123reg. Anyone have a solution for that one?

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