Free VPS 7 Days from Cloudsigma | 2019

Free VPS 7 Days from Cloudsigma | 2019

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to get Free Vps from Cloudsigma for free 7 days without credit card

Signup with [email protected] ([email protected]), don’t use free domain (Domain from Freenom, *.me, *.org, *.site)

You must have phone number, but phone number from CA/ID/USA are blacklisted, so you have to search phone number from google with “receive sms online” keyword

3. Sign up with email address (my email is: [email protected] and forwarded to my gmail)
4. Verify email and create password
5. Search phone number and Verify
6. Watch video for setup vps

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  1. Error! In order to protect our cloud from fraudulent registrations, we do not grant trial resources automatically to accounts registered with free email domains such as "". Please contact our support team to activate your trial.

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