Free Web Hosting - How to host a website for free!

Free Web Hosting – How to host a website for free!

Lean how to host your website for free using a few popular free hosting services. While shared web hosting is still popular, these free alternatives allow you to host static based websites, and have options to include custom domain names.

GitHub Pages:

If your hosting needs require a database (such as running WordPress) or programming langues than you can use one of the free tiers in one of the following services.

Amazon Web Services:
Google Cloud Platform:

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13 thoughts on “Free Web Hosting – How to host a website for free!

  1. As you are providing information about How to host a website for free!. Basically, we want to say that your knowledge really impressive that should be spread to all over the world so that you should create a website where you can provide the all information about it. So to do the website you need a perfect hosting solution. Contact to #Onliveinfotech or #Onliveserver for better information.

  2. Hi,

    Nice video and explanation, thank you for sharing information. I am really glad I found your video. @OnliveServer

  3. A best web hosting server solution delivers tutorial, I love this video, I think it superb explanation about all web hosting server, thank for information and keep it up!!!!!!!!……. #onliveserver

  4. Can it also support websites like point rewards or loyalty rewards or let's just say reputation rewards based on answers or questions to reach to next level (A website, let's just say similar to Stackexchange)?

  5. Andrew,

    Google also has another free website hosting and it is called Google Firebase Hosting. I suggest please explore it and create a video about it.

    It's worth visiting the link given above where you can find all the docs about how to go about it.

  6. Hello, I also considered Firebase (with or without a database…), d'u think it's a good choice, for "small" and relatively low traffic websites (showcase sites)? Thank you for this and all the useful videos you make.

  7. Thank you! This is very helpful. It'd also be great if you could walk through how to set up a site on AWS when you have time.

  8. Hey Andrew, great video! I was working on a website, used your tutorial for creating a mobile drop-down menu. Then I checked your other videos. And posting the website on GitHub pages was super handy before the final launch, so it was possible to see it on other devices and adjust details. Thank you very much for sharing it with us :like

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