Free Web Hosting on Google Drive

Free Web Hosting on Google Drive

NOTE: Unfortunately, Google has shut down this service. We can now do something similar, however, with Amazon AWS. Stay tuned!
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Need a website fast and hosted for free? We can’t believe more people don’t know about this simple trick. We’ll teach you how to rapidly develop and host your website for FREE using Google Drive.

No joke.

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11 thoughts on “Free Web Hosting on Google Drive

  1. QuantBros it doesnt work with me and i dont know why the text is that the link is not the same as my googledrive
    pls help me

  2. i am a amateur with this m i just have used a good HTML template and tried to see how it works her is site i have a problem with navigation it shows a google 404 errors so i think it must be a missing xml sitemap, i am asking do you know to how to make it and it goes inside that published google drive folder right? if i navigate i dont see a permalinks and what to do ….

  3. but the domain name will be a mile long if you do this.
    it's not the best option if you want others to be able to access it by typing your url.

  4. hallo can you say how to edit the website after hosting in google drive?
    is there any online free service which directly can change the website title ,content etc …….
    how can i update my website directly ….. please say me ……………..

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