From mobile app to web app

From mobile app to web app

Join Mariam Hasnany and John Ryan as they upgrade their mobile app into a web app. Learn how to adapt your app for desktop browsers, how to debug, and how to deploy your app to a web server.

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Speakers: John Ryan, Mariam Hasnany

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42 thoughts on “From mobile app to web app

  1. I mean, the idea is solid. But I didn't see anything I would use. As a web developer, sure that app looked great on mobile. But on the web? I would never push what they showed to a production state. Absolutely not a web app, or at least not a good looking one. They didn't even go into user authentication or SSO. I would use flutter to develop a mobile app, but I'll stick to node.js for developing web apps.

  2. Nice tutorial..! In flutter web app, flutter web view not working what to do? please help me Sir.

  3. I tried it but I didn't get the output does it only work if we host it somewhere? Can't we run the index.html in browser directly ??.. I tried but I got nothing.

  4. This really improving the possibilities for desktop usage of your app!
    For those who haven't upgraded flutter for a more than 7 months (like me 😉 ) run "flutter upgrade" in your terminal, restart your IDE and the "Chrome (web)" option will be available.

  5. Started learning Flutter a week back.. this is so exciting! This is truly write once run anywhere… Thank you for this amazing walkthrough!

  6. I can't search for Texts on the main browsers.Thats to big of a bug to use on production Imo.

  7. 🤦‍♂️ Flutter renders everything to a canvas, this is just terrible, basically might as well use Flash, oh wait that died years ago. I guess every few years we re-invent Flash…..

  8. Hi.
    First of all thanks for the idea of creating web pages with the Flutter.
    In this regard, I would like to ask you why, in your opinion, my server does not work with the new version of Flutter web …

  9. I think this could even make your code more readable because now you're kinda forced to split code into Widgets to support web layout (otherwise it gets extremely messy)

  10. front end development is just so unbelievably simple with Flutter, and seeing as HTML/CSS is the main language for the browser, it's going to be so refreshing being able to write my front end in Flutter 🙂

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