34 thoughts on “G Suite vs. Office 365 for Business Email Hosting | The Best Email Hosting?

  1. I know this is older content. I ended up switching to 365 when gsuite locked my company owned device from super admin (conflict with note s20 ultra Samsung’s work profile). Since this video share point and planner have been added (I could be wrong, however, they are there now) I can not explain how impressed I was let alone, customer and team. I was able to create a lobby for customer to access and check in or chat with team and project progress. Sharepoint is like building a web page project specific that feels like meeting at a Starbucks. My two cents. Great video, what brought me here was trying to figure out how to make my device google admin endpoint again.

  2. what a useless video bro you basically said what everyone already knows this didnt help me one bit in helping me deciding which one to go with

  3. so if I have a company with 50 people I would have to pay for 50 subscritions just to have customed email addresses for every employee???????????????

  4. I'm kind of lost here, but trying to understand. I registered my own domain at a registrar (let's call it "X"), and my hosting at Hostgator. I created my email address through hostgator CPanel, not the registrar page. It's been a year since then, and I always felt my receiving and sending process was slower than what I used in other companies I worked at in the past.
    In this case, Gsuite and Office365 act as a hosting provider????
    Thank you

  5. Your videos are the best!
    Office 365 is an absolute nightmare. I've tried to setup my business email and everything was over complicated and website kept asking me to "download office" even though I was logged in my account.

  6. The way I would do it is to get Microsoft 365 $60/yr plan. Then I would link it up to Gmail and use Google Apps, I'd use Microsoft 365 for storage in Onedrive.

  7. G mail seems to be good for email but I will try with Namecheap, again a good video.
    where can I reach you for private advise for a blog or online business, Éric

  8. Thank you for this review…

    I value Email greatly, and I don't care much about Documents, PowerPoint, Meetings and offline apps.

    I do like Calendar and Forms (Surveys)… Microsoft Forms looks better than Google Forms. And so does the Outlook Calendar look better than Google Calendar…

  9. Practically every medium to large company uses Microsoft and Outlook in particular as the mail client of all employees, Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite. It's an industry standard to send Outlook calendar invitations for meetings and appointments; conference calls through WebEx or Skype, or most recently – Microsoft Teams. I get how people either love or hate Microsoft as well as Google VS Apple etc. but from my own experience for working for and with some of the biggest corporations in the world, I can say that practically all of them use Microsoft and you are just not taken seriously if you don't – it's an absolute standard. It's almost as big of a difference as a @gmail.com or @yourcompany.com difference. The point about the email signature in Microsoft / Outlook is not considerable for me. It's an industry standard for new employees to simply copy an email signature from a co-worker email and paste it once into their signature setup in Outlook on their work laptop or PC, and employees who use email are expected to be able to perform this basic operation in Outlook. It's not standard for absolutely everyone to have absolutely the same email signature. Some companies have a few logos and slogans, for example a tech support person could have a different signature than a trading manager. I will admit that the whole concept of Gmail used professionally fascinated me and I can see benefit of this for linking end individual customers – not companies but people with a company. As people really use much, much more Google for their personal accounts than Microsoft, it's interesting to think about the different Google calendar options and other Google apps that allow collaboration between you as a company and the end individual non-corporate customer. And just to say, I use Gmail for my personal email. Useful video even though I disagree with some points. Always good to see both sides of a topic! 🙂

  10. Once you have Gmail you can never go back. It's so intuitive and user-friendly. Plus that undo send is a lifesaver.

  11. I hate Office 365 with a passion. Their customer service representatives suck, Microsoft One Drive is a joke, and their email hosting is a joke as well. I had a TB worth of stuff on my OneDrive cloud account and I lost all of it for no reason at all. They would not allow me to get into my own account after providing them proof of my identity. Their reps were from India, respectfully, and did not care to help get my account back. Do not go with Office 365!!!! I used Google Docs throughout my years at University and it never let me down. One more thing about One Drive, I tried to change my password day and they said I had to wait until the next year to change it. The next year was 5 months away. That was a major red flag! Unfortunately, I did not take action quickly enough before they locked me out of my own account.

  12. Hello Chris, Thank you for the awesome video, I totally understand the "Pros" and the "Cons" of each these email hosting provider. But what If I want a private and personal paid services, I'm trying to find an email hosting service that can support different languages givs you the option to right from right to left and left to right. a host that respect my privacy . please I would really appreciate it.

  13. Gmail is spy mail. Your e-mails are scanned to create a profile of your interests and shopping habits. They then create a fingerprint of your computer as in your Internet provider your operating ( IP ) system screen resolution. They will back this up with tracking cookies. If you use adblocker when searching the Internet you will not see the adverts that are aimed at you BUT THEY ARE THERE AND THEY ARE TRACKING YOU. Some people may not care about privacy but that is no good reason to allow a company and third party companies to shit all over you.

  14. MS Office is the standard in productivity apps. What is this guy talking about? No one uses Microsoft…what!?

  15. quality content as usual.
    check out MXroute or mailcheap when you can, would love a review of those 😀

  16. Aside from NameCheap, Microsoft and Google. What other alternatives are out there?

    What are your experiences with Zoho?

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