Gator Website Builder Tutorial | My Review on HostGator's New Tool for Building Websites

Gator Website Builder Tutorial | My Review on HostGator's New Tool for Building Websites

Where to find the Gator Website Builder (note – I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll earn a discount when you use this link):

New mic, who dis? What’s up guys! HostGator has recently launched a new DRAG & DROP website builder and I’m going to show you how to make a website with it, and give my honest opinion of it.



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35 thoughts on “Gator Website Builder Tutorial | My Review on HostGator's New Tool for Building Websites

  1. It's exactly the same as the editor on! I already have experience with that, so that's awesome!
    For any users reading this, while I might recommend trying the SiteBuilder editor, DO NOT sign up for anything there.
    Billing sometimes gets "stuck" after you cancel a subscription, and their Support link literally throws an error.
    You could use it as sort of a "free demo" of what Gator Website Builder has to offer, though.

  2. Do I need to upgrade to get a faster upload? My images are taking a very long time to upload and edit. Do you build websites for others???? I need help

  3. HostGator clouding is most reliable hosting you ever have been used. Millions of users used this clouding for their sites. The advancement in the upgraded version makes it more powerful to boost the functionality of your website.

    Check from here –

  4. Biggest and best scammers ever, DON"T USE HOSTGATOR. Their support is crap and their emails are NO reply. They say the domain name is free, but charge 17.99 if you are not happy with the service and you have lost your domain name for life

  5. Hostgator SUCKS DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Hostgator
    You can NEVER talk to a Human for support on ANYTHING
    Support by phone is non existent you call in they put you on hold until your battery dies, they are using the Covid-19 excuse for for slow service for 8 months straight now.

    Online Support is non existent you open a live chat and nobody ever shows up to answer questions
    You try to log in FTP using FileZilla it never will connect no human to talk to resolve search the help read for an hr try all the suggestions still can not connect.

    looked at "You will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes" for 45 minutes and gave up closed the Live Chat, needs the name changed to "Dead Chat"

    Appears my only recourse is to file complaints with better business and my credit card company, hire a lawyer sue for fraud they just take your money after signing a contract then ignore you 100%. can not even download a backup to secure my data they keep giving a Too Large excuse, will not allow me to access my data by FTP to download 100% in small chunks.

    Nightmare, only reason why I am commenting here is does not offer any way to resolve issues with their services, some would call a scam

    I will come back and update if problems are resolved

  6. I would like just one FIRST page with an image and my menu? keeping my other information off of the one first page? Does that make sense lol Is that possible?

  7. I am very disgusted with Elementor like switch and bait of doing business. I got to built a website after one week, at the end I am stuck with the theme that is locked by Astra to upgrade and Elementor to upgrade so i can simply change the address that is on the the contact form. Seriously guys? I would never recommend it. Either have someone built it for you or get into something that does not have switch and bait upgrade crap.

  8. Good day this might seem like a dumb question but please answer.. can I point a godaddy domain to HostGator via Nameservers and use that domain for the website I created with HostGator website builder?

  9. Really I will do it..your audio is great.. what kind of mic

  10. The builder page that I'm working in on HostGator doesn't look like this and is a lot more frustrating to figure out than what you are doing here. They must have upgraded their builder software. I like what you are doing so much better, it's so much easier.

  11. the promo code is working fine be sure to click on submit. this video is direct and concise, very helpful

  12. Great video. If you have already purchased a domain how to you link the site to it? Bought the domain through HostGator

  13. When you explain it this way, the Gator builder seems relatively simple to use. I’ve only used Zyro and I’m looking for some inexpensive alternative with more e-commerce options. There’s just one more thing: on their site it says that the free domain registration is for 12 months, how much does domain renewal cost? Thanks.

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