12 thoughts on “GCP Professional Network Engineer Certification Prep – Cloud VPN | Static Routing Pros & Cons

  1. Thanks for video, i have a question that how to verify the tunnel bandwidth,, the only information i found that we need to setup 1500 MTU in order to use upto 3 Gb bandwidth , but is there a way to check your actual tunnel bandwidth. thanks

  2. only the on-premises or peering IP for my vpn n/w only can access my vpn —> in this scenario how i can configure firewall rules in my vpc n/w

  3. Please give an idea about, how i can connect my corporate network to GCP VPN? for this setup from where i can start? could you provide any available link or a small idea for that

  4. really amazing, pls keep on rocking 🙂 could you tell me, if i want to connect static or dynamic vpn from my localhost, what would i need to do?

  5. Hello Mahesh,
    Really like your GCP tutorials. Thanks a lot.

    One question I have with static routing, why have you used 2 different projects here?
    I was trying out this setup within the same project with two different VPCs,
    The VPN gateway and tunnel got created without any problems for the first VPC but while creating the VPN gateway+tunnel for the second VPC got some quota error. Any tips ?

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