Get Started With WordPress for Free (NO Web Hosting) | Local by Flywheel Review

Get Started With WordPress for Free (NO Web Hosting) | Local by Flywheel Review

WordPress is a powerful and free website builder, but it requires web hosting and a domain name to get started. Did you know you can start playing with WordPress locally on your computer for free? This is my review of Local by Flywheel.

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19 thoughts on “Get Started With WordPress for Free (NO Web Hosting) | Local by Flywheel Review

  1. So, you are saying i can make a free website in WP engine / flywheel using wordpress, then i can transfer it to my web hosting?

    If it, then share how i can make a website in wp engine /flywhee.

  2. goshh why am i seeing you today … i have already purchased a domain name from GoDaddy .. absolutely regretting it.

  3. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to starting a business and a website, however I wonder if I should be concerned about legally claiming a company name and about copyright protection first. Do I need to worry about protecting my creative works before I publish them? Or should it be covered until I’ve got my feet better planted in the marketing industry?

  4. So… I use Local but whenever I download a free theme (Starter template kit), it never comes out the way I see them or YouTude or their demo sites. How can I fix this?

  5. I used Local by Flywheel to make my site off line. Then I uploaded my site to my webhost using All-in-One WP Migration. It was way easy:)

  6. I have a great idea for a social media website(s)I've been an entrepreneur for 30 years…BUT i don't know nothing about starting a social media website(s) My question is what type of company should I seek out to set Me up with my great idea? and how do i protect Myself from anyone stealing my idea? this is going to be HUGE.. also Do i really own them? or can these Domain registries take them back if they become successful ?

  7. The one the I hate about local is you can’t view media through the tunnel. Annoying if you ain’t satisfied with emulation.

  8. I always wanted to use Local and now I can play around with themes and plugins! Thanks a lot for this video 🙂

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