21 thoughts on “Getting Started with Cloud SQL for MySQL

  1. With all respect to the other comments, this five minute video does an excellent first/fast look and getting a db up and running. In five minutes. Aastha, thanks for this video. It was a pretty good return on my five minute investment of time.

  2. Connecting to Cloud sql from Compute Engine instance and cloud shell is pretty simple and straight forward. But suppose, you have web application hosted on a Compute engine instance and you need a backend Cloud sql db support to store the web app data. How do I connect the web app to cloud sql in order to insert the values in the particular db in this case. Please put up a useful tutorial.

  3. same comment as others…. its not very useful to show us that we can connect with cloud shell… its the google cloud proxy and ssl connections that are confusing…. here’s an idea…. why dont you make another video showing us how to hand type and verify a million different records… hmmm… this is a cool idea but i think you missed the connection with potential users.

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