17 thoughts on “Getting Started with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

  1. Ok. But how to connect PostgreSQL with Google Apps Script via JDBC? MySQL is no problem, but PostgerSQL does not Work!!! Look at all programming forums. It a lot of questions and no answers!! Fix it ASAP, please

  2. At 1:36, "You can scale the instance up or down later", Does scaling the instance, cause any downtime. Would be great to know that. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  3. OK but how do I build a database composed of dozens of tables? Because using shell to do it will be near imposiible. Can you just use pgAdmin?

  4. Thanks for this tutorial, I would like to enquire that is it possible to install TRIPAL using drupal and postgresql at GCP! If possible what would be the suitable configuration for that since I have to make a database of gene sequences?

  5. Does Cloud sql support multi-master functionality?

    DML High throughput tries to process DML in two or more instances.

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