Getting Started with Firebase Hosting on the Web - Firecasts

Getting Started with Firebase Hosting on the Web – Firecasts

Firebase Hosting is static web hosting tailored for developers. Every app deployed is automatically provisioned an SSL certificate, all content is cached in a global CDN, and deployed just takes one command.

David East gets your started with Firebase Hosting and shows you how to manage multiple environments with the Firebase CLI.

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25 thoughts on “Getting Started with Firebase Hosting on the Web – Firecasts

  1. Can u please share ur firebase.json and database.rules.json file as i m getting am error saying unexpected rules fornat.json

  2. who sets up their staging and production environments like this? I don't have separate applications for staging and production. i've never worked like this. usually this is done via a staging/master BRANCH in git.

  3. Hello, Firebase creates default sub domains for the project. What security measures are set by default? Does it have WAS and protections against DDoS?

  4. when I go to the Firebase deployed site… it shows a very old version 🥺 I did the build. How can I get Firebase to update to the most recent deploy???

  5. how to deploy .net core webapi project to firebase? this .net core webapi project is a middleware that is responsible to get data from firebase realtime database then give it to UI.

  6. Hello,
    I am building an app in Vue.js for my company.
    I would like my staging environment to have separated databases and functions resources.
    How can i manage these environments? can do that with "firebase use"?


  7. Is that possible to deploy the Laravel(deploy all project file in firebase hosting) project in firebase hosting and use the firebase database and storage?

  8. How can I download code from firebase because my laptop has crashed..please help me sir I am in a trouble situation.i will very thankful to you..please reply answer…

  9. Thank you for this video.

    I have a problem, when I’m trying to host de web. It doesn’t show the project’s name that I created. So I can’t choose any projects.
    What can I do?
    Thank you.

  10. am Task Manager at software development company and we use another web hosting servers so can we use firebase for all our products and the enviroments we use whether it's, C#, Java, Android, PHP and more other if all of these is compatible on firebase it's would be our best option.

  11. I have a question : i have a PWA hosted on firebase everything works well. But when i modify my app and redeploy it, i always need to double cache clean my browser to see the new version of my app. I tried a lot of thing like adding { "source":"/service-worker.js", "headers": [{"key": "Cache-Control", "value" : "max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate"}] } in my firebase.json file

    But it changes nothing. Why ?

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