GlorifyApp Review & Tutorial - The Best Graphics App For Web, Social, Ecom, Banners, Logos, Ebooks?

GlorifyApp Review & Tutorial – The Best Graphics App For Web, Social, Ecom, Banners, Logos, Ebooks?

In this video review and tutorial, I will walk through GlorifyApp, an online graphics creation tool, and it’s the best one I have ever used.

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And yes, the thumbnail you see for this video was created using GlorifyApp.

You can use the tool to create any kind of ecom graphic, social media graphic, website graphic, ebook, logo, and as you see, YouTube thumbnails.

Also one of it’s secret powers is super easy background removal.

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44 thoughts on “GlorifyApp Review & Tutorial – The Best Graphics App For Web, Social, Ecom, Banners, Logos, Ebooks?

  1. Luckily you didn't have hairs otherwise it would have been difficult for background removal tool to cut the background precisely. 😂 Just kidding!

  2. Hi Adam thanks for the Video. I have bought the tool and I am looking
    for support. Do you know any email of them that I can use to contact?
    There is non on the page, the contact us button is not working and they
    only have Facebook support. I do not have a facebook account and I am
    not going to just for them. Thanks again.

  3. What file types can you download? Also, can you do both RGB and CMYK? I work with a printer for certain things and Canva's download files are RGB. I couldn't find this info on Glorify's website, but maybe I missed it. Thanks! Edit – typo 🙂

  4. I hope you set up your link right, cause I just got the pro version and I want to make sure the one who got me to buy it, gets paid!

  5. Adam, I absolutely trust you. Do you still love this service? Thanks for the generous and super awesome content?

  6. I clicked on your affiliate link but the price is coming up at $127 instead of the $97 you quoted. Did I miss the time frame for the offer?

  7. This is awesome, Adam! I’ve been using Canva at $12.99 /mth for years now, so this will save me money too! Thanks again.

  8. Adam to be honest those retro style Images and Icons don't really look attractive at all. Was planning get this but not sure if this could be a replacement of a professional apps like photoshop. Also, will you able to use the images and icons without any restriction with any apps that we prefer other then GlorifyApp ?

  9. Hi Adam, by any chance do you know if I get the Glorify Pro + Icon 8 paid once (297$) .. it gets all the updates in the future in this price? Or do I have to pay for them at the moment of their release? I am asking this because it happened to me.

  10. which is version is apt for online sellers – Pro Version @ $97 or Pro Plan and $297. And further, what will be the costing or this is a one time lifetime fee.

    Can I get a trial of both to make a better decision.Further, can I upgrade to Pro Plan at difference cost or the whole cost needs to be paid

  11. WordPress For Non-Techies great videos thank you very much.. Would you say Fotor app or this one is better?

  12. Great video Adam! I'm working with the ebook creator and I'm not able to download the book in pdf. How do you print your ebook?

  13. Please do mention if it is not free right in the beginning. That would be fair for a lot of people. Did not expect this from you.

  14. Great review as always Adam. So – the Ecommerce, Social Media, Ebook Creator and Logo Maker design tools. Are all four of these in the Pro plan – or only in the Pro+Icons8 plan? That hasn't been made clear on the sales page. Thanks for any clarification.

  15. Excellent video and it looks great!
    Would you recommend this or Relay That (which you reviewed in another video)?

  16. It looks like the feature you demonstrated, in which you get various pictures of the same model to use in multiple brand graphics is only in the higher end package. Here's the text under the pro + icon8 description: "​User Centric Models: Models that best suits your product category – based on any demographic such as profession, culture or gender." Do you agree that this is the one you demoed?

  17. Great video! They are always very useful

    Do you know if the image to which the background was removed can be downloaded? to use with another editor?

  18. Greetings Adam. Once I saw the headline for this video I started researching the Glorify App and was very impressed by the features. After watching the video, I'm even more impressed and will purchase Glorify later today. However, I have one question: After purchasing the lifetime Pro version, will I be able to upgrade in the future to the lifetime Icon 8 version also? I tried finding an email address on Glorify's site but couldn't. Could you kindly reach out to the developer to address my question? Thanks for all you do for the WordPress community and beyond.

  19. For those wondering about the number of users you get, the early adopter's purchase gives you 3 team members, including yourself as the Admin. This isn't currently documented in the Glorify FAQ so I asked them. I think 3 users is pretty generous for what you are getting. Thanks, Adam for the review.

  20. Adam I have questions for you….
    If you join on basic plan; is there a way to upgrade to pro down the line…? Curious to know thx

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