GoDaddy cPanel Addon Domains: Hosting Multiple Domains on One Host.  Add URL Domain Website Hosting

GoDaddy cPanel Addon Domains: Hosting Multiple Domains on One Host. Add URL Domain Website Hosting

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to host multiple domains, using one hosting account in GoDaddy. Add on domains are only available for, Deluxe and Ultimate, cPanel shared hosting accounts. If you want to host a website besides your primary domain name, you can use GoDaddy’s, cPanel’s Add-On Domain Feature.

Start by going to Then log in to your account manager, once your account page has loaded, click to expand Web Hosting, then next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch. This will launch the cPanel. In the Domains section in the cPanel, click Addon Domains.

Where it says New Domain Name, enter the domain name you want to use. Do not type in the WWW dot.

The subdomain / FTP username will automatically fill in. If it does not, enter the FTP username you want to use. The document root, should automatically fill in. Then enter the FTP password you want to use, and type it again to confirm it. Then click Add Domain.

Note: Adding domains to your cPanel account, simultaneously creates FTP users for the domain name. This FTP user has access to the domain name’s Document Root and all of its subdirectories so you can upload your website. You can check out my video on how to connect to an FTP account server and upload your website contents, by clicking here or following the link in the description.

If you have any problems, or questions, send me a messege, and I would be glad to help. I hope you liked this tutorial, please like my videos, and subscribe to my channel. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

41 thoughts on “GoDaddy cPanel Addon Domains: Hosting Multiple Domains on One Host. Add URL Domain Website Hosting

  1. Great Video tutorial!!!Besides these I would suggest checking as it is one of the most fastest, reliable and cheap linux hosting providers which I am using for the past 2 years on one of my blogs. It offers a wide spectrum of services, among which shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting.

  2. hi i have domain in and i want to use other hosting. kindly suggest how to upload the file so that old website contents remain the same

  3. Hi im just adding an addon domain, do i create an ftp file also? if so what is the procedure from here on out?

  4. Hi! I have a problem, I hope you can help me… I have 3 sites that I need to host on my godaddy hosting. I've already done what you teached in the video.. everything seems fine, I've uploaded the files to run a joomla installation on each site, the first one installed fine and it's working but when I go to the other sites I see a msg telling me that joomla has been installed succesfully but It hasn't. So I think the two other sites are taking the installation of the first site as theirs but I don't why because they have separate folders created by the addon domain congfiguration. I hope you can help me to see what's wrong. thank you!

  5. hi,

    i have a godaddy Deluxe Windows Hosting with Plesk, i want separate plesk login for every website hosting on this.
    it can be possible ….

    mail me : [email protected]

    as soon as possible

    thanks in advance

  6. im getting this error under domain A, You are not allowed to add more than 0 addon domains. The domain was not setup.
    I have 2 domains, 1 ends with .com the other with .nl Somehow i cant host them both, i could only choose .nl domain. How can i host the second one as well?

  7. i want to add multiple domains and create for each a website, how can i do it. knowing that i have one domain name that have a websit

  8. Hi Devon can i use as an addon domain one that i already bought on godaddy and install wordpress on it. Because when i try to install wordpress it makes me point to another domain i dont want to change

  9. HI Devon i have problem i made one site on wordpress but i want new one my hosting provider gives me a space to make up to 5 sites and domens how can i add new domen and install wordpress on it and start to work on it

  10. After adding a domain, I can only see the main domain name on my web-hosting section!
    How can I see the new domain that I just added?

  11. HI ,

    I have issue to create and access the domain. I purchased domian from godaddy this is my secondary domain. My primary domain is working perfectly . I created domain from addon domain from cpanel and created successfully but whenever i am entering the domain on URL nothing is happing..Please help me in this

  12. Maybe a dumb qn.  But once I've created the addon domain, how is it accessed, i.e. what's the URL?  I presume it has to effectively be part of my original domain (since I didn't actually have to go and buy the addon domain!).

  13. Do GoDaddy have a support email? I can only see phone support and there is no Livehelp support. I have one question if anyone can tell me the difference between DELUXE hosting $4.49/month VS Wordpres Site/Blog Business package $9.99/month. I just want to install WordPress and start building multiple site.

  14. Question. I have a hosting account that allows for multiple domains. A colleague would like to buy a domain and create a website. is there a way to have them do this so I do not have to be involved with their website management/payments? thanks

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