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  1. I've been a loyal client since 2010. However, now I have a bone to pick with Godaddy. I've been trying to transfer two domains away from Godaddy, I went through all the steps, code the transfer code, and Accepted

    the transfers. Everything by the book. However, without any explanations or reason, they are blocking the transfer of the domains.

    It's been 72 hours now and I can not get through tech support. The wait is infinite. I finally waited until past midnight to call, now to my surprise it seems that they have a "technical glitch" that prevents then from routing my call (A.K.A. they seem to have stopped 24 x 7 support.

    I have transferred all my sites to Asphostportal because that's nightmare issue. Been with Asphostportal for almost 3 years, service is really stable and technical support really helpful.

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