GoDaddy | How To Connect To Your GoDaddy Shared Hosting with SSH | [SOLVED] SSH Access Not Enabled

GoDaddy | How To Connect To Your GoDaddy Shared Hosting with SSH | [SOLVED] SSH Access Not Enabled

How to enable GoDaddy SSH Access & connect to your GoDaddy shared hosting cPanel account with SSH & manage cPanel SSH Keys. [SOLVED] GoDaddy SSH Access Disabled. Shell Access is not enabled for your account.

Secure Shell (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Typical applications include remote command-line, login, and remote command execution, but any network service can be secured with SSH.

In this video, we discussed how to enable GoDaddy Shared Hosting cPanel SSH access and connect to GoDaddy shared hosting cPanel on mac using terminal and on windows using git bash.

Few key points:

0:31 Git bash for windows to access godaddy cpanel ssh
1:54 Access GoDaddy Shared hosting dashboard
2:03 Enable GoDaddy shared hosting cPanel SSH Access
5:29 SOLVED GoDaddy SSH Access not enabled for your account
7:29 Connect to GoDaddy shared hosting cpanel account with SSH
9:19 Manage GoDaddy cPanel SSH keys | Generate new SSH keys from GoDaddy cPanel
11:45 Connect to GoDaddy SSH key using a private key on mac using terminal and windows using git bash
14:42 Access GoDaddy cPanel terminal

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  2. Thanks for the video. If I am the only one using SSH, is there any reason to use the public/private key instead of the password?

  3. i enabled ssh access. but i cannot install or update anything from cmd. I cannot login with root. how to enable root access. please show us

  4. You did an excellent job explaining this. You didn't leave anything to the imagination.
    Just the way I like it! Thanks.

  5. Best & Only video that explains SSH on Godaddy…Just the kind of video..I was searching for…
    Can we clone from 2 remote terminal into 1 local repository ?

  6. When I tried to add the key (ssh-add godaddy_hosting_ssh) I got the error: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent.

  7. Hi i'm understand how to resolve "Shell access is not enabled on your account!"
    "If you need shell access please contact support." My SSH access status is showing On

  8. Hey really informative videos , i subbed you . I have a video request please , after copying the website files by httrack , how do i upload them to my cpanel? Which are the files i have to upload? Please make a tutorial i would really appreciate it 🙂

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